Stated In Lines

When we throw it down.We plead for the crown.Beg forgiveness from a heart.Rather than turn toward whats dark. But if you lie here in wait.Passionless souls will take,Split the sun and claim.What lies within your fame. Employed by harsh movements.Lacking new improvements.Fashioned from clay obsolence.Vain in a forced conscience. Barreled down a ‘fall.Hear nothing butContinue reading “Stated In Lines”


Come near me and I’ll lash out!Lash out.Come near me and I’ll strike you down!I know you’re only spoiling for a fight.But honestly you can have the crown. Fading pictures caked in years of dust.So many broken and lost by mistrust.Fractured figures of hollow pleas.Disgusted by everybody’s… You carved a will from the beauty.Decided toContinue reading “‘Prize’”

In False Skin

Leering at the beautiful sky,I smile from ear to opposite eye.Crooked look upon my mug.Then down my beer I do chug. Monster in sheep’s clothing.Life is filled with loathing.Chew up feeble bones.Ignore the tongues making groans.For madness wallows… in the midst. Weeping for the fallen star.I grab my weapon of choice, a bar.Think me cruelContinue reading “In False Skin”

All The Names

You wanted a bump in the night.How about I give you that, alright? Eerie music booms down the road.Its aim is to scare rather than goad.You look pretty panicked as I increase my speed.Time to make you terrified ’til you bleed. You think me mad while I know better.Before long you’ll be a blood letter.Painted,Continue reading “All The Names”

Serenity In Sound

Sit out in the garden surrounded by grass.Pluck at the strings of your guitar and bash,Out a melody which brings you a smile.Stay here, you sing, I wish to wait a while.Melancholy and murder have been lost to the crows.Before too long this green will need to be mowed.But think on such things you areContinue reading “Serenity In Sound”


Stare at the face of the ancients,But don’t say God.Shriek about how we should serve,Before in comes the flood.Declare all those who don’t obey,Unclean, unwashed.But it won’t change reality;You’re obsessed lack of civility. Start the fire upon the funeral pyre.You stacked the odds and loaded the decks.Liar, liar; I won’t join you in the mire.Deciever,Continue reading “Falsehoods”

Out At The Boundary

Out on the edge of world with only a tree to befriend.Many might think me insane or this just part of some trend.But out here I can see the beauty of heavens ascent.Stars and moons twinkle so brightly and without intent.So why not build my universe and dwell in the sea?Because right here feels likeContinue reading “Out At The Boundary”