Reach Toward

Look out at the stars, reach toward Mars.Beauty in so many spaces.Its never hidden unless you’re vacant.So don’t walk about with eyes closed.Consider sights and hold them close.They will form your second sight.Realm to where all is bright.Be it cloud topped castle or cabin in a wood. Watch the world as it rolls on by.ItsContinue reading “Reach Toward”

We Are (Not Singular)

I put my new face on; how does it look?Think its going to fool that petty bunch of crooks?You say no but I don’t agree.Those brainless fools can barely say, thee. Ignore the calls to be a wannabe.Mount heads on pikes like a celebrity.Cause down in the dirt is where we’ll remain.Now say it loudContinue reading “We Are (Not Singular)”

Seeing Red

Boil from the coil that’s housed within.Can feel my fist begin its clenching.Try as I might the feeling won’t go away.Doesn’t matter, wish I could say. Cause I’m seeing red.I’m seeing red.Anger rising up inside.It breeds disaster and kills all light.I’m seeing red.Soon you’ll be bled,Cause I’m seeing red. Staring far but never wide.Trying toContinue reading “Seeing Red”

Eroded Discord Petals

Served the discord up on a plate.Eroded away entities once chosen fate.Archaic in terms of stolen design.Nobody who remains will ever be fine.So pull the cord and wait to see.Got a feeling we’re not breaking free.For too much disaster has raged between.Leaving nothing but a smile too pristine.With evil intent looming just below.All of usContinue reading “Eroded Discord Petals”