Butchering Bastard

Skies turned dark with sharpnel rain.Bullets, smoke and fire are all they contain.Sorry state of another repeat.Reignited the cycle while dogma continues to bleet.Weakened state of insecurity.Everyone has failed except those suffering the brutality.Where is our evolution and progress now? Watch the bodies fill the streets.Buried under rubble that is stone and concrete.Twisted shell ofContinue reading “Butchering Bastard”

Be My

I could be your:Hero in time.Guy with a line.Maker of the madness.Filtering the sadness.Addiction in your veins.Driving you insane.So what do you say?Come and be my heroin. Sat between death and divination.Will there be a salutation?Enquiry into the premature.Getting ready for: Hero in time.Guy with a line.Maker of the madness.He who filters sadness.Addiction in yourContinue reading “Be My”

Putrid Sack

Bastards, barons, butchers all.I don’t want this mindless war.Victims bodies line the streets.Not how these times should be.Forgotten stories of past atrocities.Justification is not an excuse to breathe.Lives are precious and unique.End your madness, do it quick. Putrid sack of aging skin.Everything you touch is decaying.Warped reality exists in your mind.Before too long you’ll beContinue reading “Putrid Sack”


Swinging blade of the foretold sin.No longer should we claim to be the victim.Silence pervades but refuses to bolster.Final hours are a rollercoaster.Hungry for change but unwilling to sever ties.It’s why each night I wake to the sound of cries. Scale the battlements.Posessive establishment.War torn and battle scarred.Bleed out the disregard. Seething souls sat forContinue reading “Foretold”

Inspire And Design

Make believe are things not yet created.At one time it was fridges, computers or the light switch.Sounds quite mad but that is the truth.Its why we should rule out nothing until time is spent. Dream up the future.Inspire and design.Craft and create.No reason to fall into the long running line. Fabricate and formulate what comesContinue reading “Inspire And Design”


Has anyone ever considered the complexity of meeting?I have and find it kind of harrowing.For relationships aren’t easy no matter the form.Not talking only about love but friends, acquaintances, really anyone.Layer upon layers of interaction.One false move could spell disaster and a need to move on.Maybe its something you’ve never considered.If so, you should tryContinue reading “Bonds”

Out Your Time

Saturation might not be what comes round this day or the next.But at some point the waves will flood everything.Doubt all you want but our time is growing short.The hands are closing!Events are quickening to a single point in time.It could be in a week, month or five lifetimes.Not saying change and crisis can beContinue reading “Out Your Time”

Shed A Tear

Stand on the shoulders to gain a view.Freedom should not be stolen from you.Resist your chains, forsake these bounds.No longer be dragged into the soul box created wrongs. Ease your mind and fly free from the cage.All they wish is to bind you to a seperated page.Void their options and remove your trail.Upon the worldContinue reading “Shed A Tear”

Equal Chill

Balance upon the edge of a knife.But when one way is failure and the other is strife,Where is my victory meant to be assured?Get the feeling i’ve been setup by a fraud.So what are my options to escape alive?Beyond today i still wish to thrive. Ponder and pander.Invent something of grandeur.To siphon with quiet suggestion,Continue reading “Equal Chill”