Open Road

When the skies are black and you feel lostWill you search at any cost?The road less travelled might ease the painWith rolling clouds and pouring rainA great distance gone but still not doneTraversing continents without an endingSleeping under stary skies of inky blackEmbers spit until daylight Eons pass but still you roamThe open road isContinue reading “Open Road”

Curiosity Kills

And here lies the fourth “transcript” of the series (If you want any of the previous three entries, here are the links for Souls In A Jar, Trapped In A Cage and Taste Of Your Own Medicine). Can you tell I’m terrible at introductions? Anyway, here it is: Transcription/Lost Diary/Old Fathoms/Retelling/Don’t Pry: – Four (4):Continue reading “Curiosity Kills”

Taste Of Your Own Medicine

And…back again! No messing. Here is the third in the series of five (as it is Wednesday again, after all). If you want the first and second entries in this series you can get them by clicking Souls In A Jar and Trapped In A Cage. Anyway, let’s get to this new entry: Transcription/Lost Diary/OldContinue reading “Taste Of Your Own Medicine”