Returning home after all these yearsI expected more than endless tearsA street that once was homeNow just shells and vacant roadsYou’d think that war took this placeIn reality it was left to fadeIts even worse than when I left beforeMy feeling are an open soreI came back and there is only shameShopping malls with lockedContinue reading “Abandoned”


Story time is here again! This is a story about sentient synthetics. Its about 7700 words and that’s all I’m going to say. So here we go. The room is square and maybe four metres across with sterile white walls, ceiling and floor. The surfaces are hard and cool but have not been formed byContinue reading “Transgression”


I’m creeping up the stairsStill so lostWill you think its fair?Not the costWaiting for my chanceDon’t want thisNothing for you to glanceJust a hissBut soon I will strikeSay goodnightThere will be no fightSmiling at spitePrepare for my endStill drowningOut of time to spendNo accountingSo with your time now doneSaid nothingYou are just long goneStill running


Wednesday story time is here again. This is another longer story at about 7000 words and it’s also Sci-Fi. Not going to give any details because otherwise it’ll ruin the surprise. So lets just get right into it shall we? Water laps at Oliver’s torso, breaking against his body, sending spray high enough for itContinue reading “Sands”


The cloud of death is unleashedDrifting along the winds unsheathedReady to strike at those who standWhen they should have been abandBut the time has passed for that chanceInstead they will fall to the danceAs the spores are ingestedImmune systems will be testedWorming deeper beneath the skinClaiming all without a care for kinThis disease is notContinue reading “Virus”


As the rain comes down againSoaking deep withinLashing at the skinWashing away all the sinClearing your head againWeakening dark feelingWhile the cold wants to settle inTendrils weave and stingSpreading like a plagueYou ask for warmer daysTwisting how you feelAs you beg for a dealBut its just startingWith wind that tears throughFreezing all of youYou hopeContinue reading “Droplets”