Right Before Your Eyes

Public service announcementVotes will have to go through a recountIt seems some ballots were forgeryWhat a surprise to absolutely nobodyTo make matters worse new rules now applyNo more man hours will be devoted to trySo please be aware that the term is amendedMeaning the present servers period is extended Dissolution of democracyRise of autocracyCan youContinue reading “Right Before Your Eyes”


Creeping down the corridorWill you hear the creek and roar?Nervous as a deer in lightThe darkness might give you frightJust before you turn the bendOnly to do it all againEach step breeds more fearThe pit is growing deeper hereThen a sound does ring trueThat’s when you stop and stewFeel the silence deafeningMaking you want toContinue reading “Recurring”

Blind With Sight

Two eyes can’t see a thingIt’s like no light is getting inSo break the stitches and actually lookIf you don’t then the world will be shookDo you really want that to your name?With it comes every ounce of blameWhat a burden to carry through timeBeing blamed for the most avoidable crime Two eyes that stillContinue reading “Blind With Sight”

Second Class Humans

Wow we’re already in February. Plus it’s a Wednesday, so that means story time. This week I’ve got a Sci-Fi story centred around how people are treated differently because of where they are born and from. Not saying anymore about the story than that as I don’t want to give too much away. Only otherContinue reading “Second Class Humans”

Red Moss

Red mossIt spreads like wild fireThankfully it’ll never reach higher Red mossIt consumes all it canNever will it stop its pursuit of more land Red mossResilient as they comeNo other weed has been as cursed by anyone Red mossChoking all it does surroundNever will beauty win against its ruby shroud Red mossTaking all the lifeWhatContinue reading “Red Moss”

Falter, Fall, Stall

Played the big man and talked the talkAll that was left was to walkBut courage was gone as was the wishFelt headless and on a dish Served up to the forever kingsThe ones to which it meant nothingSo now sit amongst the trashCounting all the absent cash Symphonies still plague the mindCutting right through theContinue reading “Falter, Fall, Stall”

From Dirt

Back again for another story. This is the story of a warrior who fails. It’s more a fantasy story than anything else. No explicit use of magic here. There’s some mysticism and implications that more is happening than is mentioned though. The idea for this one, not that I often give details about such, cameContinue reading “From Dirt”