Flesh And Liquid

Payment system is on the leftThrough these visions I cannot cleftVelvet just adorns your formFunded by how you scam the swarmSiphon all that they needLeave them down on their knees Fashion is your afflictionWhile you are my addictionWasted down to flesh and liquidNever will I not be conflicted Splurge while we sit and watchEach newContinue reading “Flesh And Liquid”

Sudden Shift

What happens when you don’t recallIs there any time to foilThe myriad dreams inside my headEach one that can’t be saidAs the gold turns to ashThe ace up the sleeve won’t save thatOnly time will heal the woundsJoin the waters to reach the streamsWhile the crows fly overheadHaving feasted upon the stale breadCircle of lifeContinue reading “Sudden Shift”

Chink In The Armour Might Be A Saviour

For these mistakes I must atoneIf I don’t I can’t postponeDisassociate from my darkest daysWhen all the light had gone away Polarised by things I’ve saidEach one felt like a warheadShot into the heart of lifeObliteration becomes rife But this is not what I wish to leaveSometimes the past needs a reprievePause from the endlessContinue reading “Chink In The Armour Might Be A Saviour”


A galaxy wrapped in violenceBut all that happens in silenceNo one hears the planets dieAs they sink into the horizons eyeWhat we see is pastNone of it will lastCollisions change the formCreating some new bornBut the rocks continue to tumbleIt’s like they simply fumbleSlip from where they stoodNow spiralling for goodUntil the next impactWhen it’sContinue reading “Consider”


Pluck at the stringHear it ringShivers up the spineFeeling so fineRumble in the chestSo impressedTurns to a songAsking, what is wrong?They are simple wordsWe’ve all heardDon’t want an endMake it a trendKeep the melody goingThe music is flowingUpswing in the moodBetter than foodHead starts to bobOblivious to the mobAll do the sameAccepting the painThen comesContinue reading “Strum”

Night Of The Dead

Dirge of the macabre mawOpening up of the fanged dance floorCobwebs hang from the raftersChandeliers adorned with rapturesJester cavorts along to the schemeAs his smile sits with an evil beamBut sing it once then start againSew into this marrying of whenAs skeletons sway and ghouls cryFuneral march of the bloody allyA place where death isContinue reading “Night Of The Dead”

Ascend The Spire

Climbing up this endless riseWill I ever reach the prize?I cannot say what does awaitMaybe this is a grave mistakeAll while the world is turningI’m unaware of how bad I’m burningThe air is thin and it’s hard to breatheI feel like I might have a diseaseBut I can’t say if that’s trueI just want toContinue reading “Ascend The Spire”