Flesh And Liquid

Payment system is on the leftThrough these visions I cannot cleftVelvet just adorns your formFunded by how you scam the swarmSiphon all that they needLeave them down on their knees Fashion is your afflictionWhile you are my addictionWasted down to flesh and liquidNever will I not be conflicted Splurge while we sit and watchEach newContinue reading “Flesh And Liquid”


Here we have the last in the series of six short stories. This was fun! I do like trying different things now and again. I hadn’t intended to write the last three parts of this series back to back but hey, what happens happens. Aside from that if you want to read everything from theContinue reading “Finality”

Hammer Blow

OK, this week is a continuation from last week. That means the fifth part in the ongoing series. Yippie! Because of that there isn’t much I can say. Best thing to do is, if you haven’t, read the previous parts. Apart from that it’s about 11,900 words long. Enjoy! Having stormed through the doorless openingContinue reading “Hammer Blow”