I wrap my hands around my heartFear is always prepared to startAnother shot into the veinLife feels like an endless chainCoiling round until your stuckWhat to do when it’s upAre we supposed to run the race?Keep going forward with our disgraceWrithe around like empty soulsWaiting until we grow oldIf that’s the case then I foregoIContinue reading “Tightening”

Ice In The Veins

Hi! Weekly post story time has come around again. This week it’s a Sci-Fi story set in space involving a man who doesn’t like the idea of being put into a Cryo pod for the duration of their voyage. It’s on the shorter side (for me) at roughly 10,700 words. Hope to keep going withContinue reading “Ice In The Veins”

Burrowing Stares

I feel all the eyes on meAnd they just won’t go awayAlways burrowing deeper inIts like they’re judgement won’t endUnblinking and without a careThey’re just filling me with fearThe searing I feel at all timesAs my chest fills ’til I’m drowningShortness of breath I can’t fixI’m sure my lungs will burstAs they continue to watchLikeContinue reading “Burrowing Stares”