Wheels Keep Turning

I’ve got a post-apocalyptic fare for you all to read this week. On purpose there isn’t a full explanation as to what happened. My hope is you’ll get a few minor hints and then come to your own conclusions. I think that’s kinda fun, to be honest. Anyway, the story involves several characters. There areContinue reading “Wheels Keep Turning”

Blurb: Infection

I’m back with another blurb. This is just a tease for the full story that’ll be posted tomorrow. The world has ended. Billions died in the wake of an infection that spread across the globe. But the infected didn’t stay dead. Which is why they now walk the Earth.  Small pockets of humanity are allContinue reading “Blurb: Infection”

What Remains – Original Opening

Hi everyone! Here is a little bonus post now that What Remains is out. This is the original opening that I wrote for the story. But I didn’t like it, so went back and changed it quite considerably, I think. The changes were made to make it flow better and simply because I didn’t likeContinue reading “What Remains – Original Opening”