Wheels Keep Turning

I’ve got a post-apocalyptic fare for you all to read this week. On purpose there isn’t a full explanation as to what happened. My hope is you’ll get a few minor hints and then come to your own conclusions. I think that’s kinda fun, to be honest. Anyway, the story involves several characters. There areContinue reading “Wheels Keep Turning”

Rot Of The Rise

Hi! This week I’ve got a post-apocalyptic story (about 14,200 words long). I don’t feel comfortable calling it Sci-Fi as the technology (bar two examples which I’m not mentioning because I don’t want to give anything away) is entirely at the level of what we have now. Not got anything else to say about theContinue reading “Rot Of The Rise”

What Remains

Story day! This is shorter than the last (about 18800 words in fact) and is a semi-sequel to Circumnavigate. I say semi because it occurs in the same post-apocalypse and around a similar time frame. Overall however, I think its a very different story. It did change quite a bit from the original outline IContinue reading “What Remains”


As promised yesterday here is the story Circumnavigate. Its a long one (a little under 26300 words). I got carried away. I had an outline and I ran with it. Never thought it would end up as long as it did. But here it is, enjoy! It’s been fifty years since the world ended. NoContinue reading “Circumnavigate”