Sick And Sadness

Sick of the loss,And sick of the losing.Sick of the heartache,And sick of… Watching so many fall away.These moments are precious,Don’t want all this decay.With a head full of memories,And a heart full of names;It keeps on turning until the very end. Sick of the seperation,And sick of the tolls.Sick of the screams,Cause they’re allContinue reading “Sick And Sadness”

Whole Hole

Another hole six feet deepI’ve forgotten how many it is this weekWith calloused hands and weary bonesThese people should not have died alone Failed by every systemIt all stems from a lack of quick decisionInstead it was just bitch and moanThen pretend that it won’t come home What a sad state of factWhen we haveContinue reading “Whole Hole”

Heartless Hand

Last one standingFamily are all goneLost wife and two sonsNot sure how he carries on Wife taken by cancerLungs consumbed by tumorMore than twenty years agoStill can’t escape it though Then went the youngest son2004 saw the end of himMurdered upon his stageSo much hatred flowed that day Last was the eldest oneFifty four isContinue reading “Heartless Hand”