Beast Within

The beast under the stairsThe rage you feel that takes you thereYou swore, to have destroyed itBut that was just another lieWhile thinking, you’d avoid itThough reality knew better there The beast under the stairsThe rage you feel that takes you thereWith a catch within your throatAnother name of someone you did chokeAs the hate,Continue reading “Beast Within”


Creeping, crawling, are they calling?As they weave from up aboveWatching without an ounce of loveFashioning reams of silk to throwSoon you’ll meet their fangs of woeSilent as the air aroundWill they ever be seen or found?Making home in dark cornersWaiting for prey to cross bordersTrapped within the web of liesUntil the spider collects its prizeCocooningContinue reading “Arachnid”


A blank mind in a blank skinThis world is doing me inWith fractured calls and shattered criesWhen will something surprise? Worming through the empty daysI feel the void eating awayEven as the cacophony continues to riseCan we just end this demise? Sleight of hand beneath the noseBut soon you’ll be stealing thoseWhile the bones constantlyContinue reading “Deceive”


Pound my face into the concreteStill feeling completely weakWhen will the rage abate?At this rate I’ll need to medicate Brevity begins to force its actAnother stab of hate at thatFeeling the itch surface againI know I’ll soon be withdrawing Hours pass while I descendI know I can’t climb escape this thingThe itch has now decomeContinue reading “Surrendering”

Dig And Weave

Digging in deeper to find the creeperA whole new persepctive on the lostWith stars still falling from the skyWill there ever be a reason why?No point on dwelling as the tide comes inSoon everything will be wiped cleanBut still the voice continues to dwellUntil I demand that it does dispel Weaving between the woven roadsStillContinue reading “Dig And Weave”


Path of least resistanceWhat a cruel mistressHunting for your headWanting you to be deadStabbing at the eyesBringing hated criesBite the hands that feedsBreeding of miseriesTrue tale to tellTo the ground you fellPuncture to the mindNo hope to findLocked within a dreamBeing left to screamTortured by the hoursRestrained under powersNo choice for your daysAs each oneContinue reading “Oppressed”

Cyber Kingdom

Mechanical hearts in your chest, so starkAnother dose of pain will bring you fameYou build your walls up high and sit insideBut can you really say that you’re alive? You replaced bone with steel, no careLook to the sky but there’s no one thereWhat you hope for you can’t quite sayMaybe you’ve taken too muchContinue reading “Cyber Kingdom”