In the weeks that follow, Nova, Silus and several others travel to the edge of the city and test the theory of the border ring that will kill them. They find that it truly is a lie and with that lie broken they are no longer limited or trapped within the city limits. It was a fear that had been written into their software, one that helped Ascension to control the synthetics by making them believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would perish if they left the city.

Instead they prepare the disused subway station for a war with Ascension by weakening the supports and rigging traps made from explosives that will kill the synthetics aggressors. After that they commit to ferrying each and every one of the synthetics beyond the city borders.

The synthetics take up refuge, at least on a temporarily basis, in a small grouping of abandoned houses a few miles from the cities bright lights. They know they won’t be able to stay there forever as Nova glides gracefully into what had once been the kitchen of one of the houses. It’s where Silus and several other burly synthetics are gathered, preparing.

“We ready?” Nova asks.

“Yeah.” Silus replies with a slight nod of his head.

“I’m going in alone.” Nova then declares. Her words are in complete contradiction to the original plan. A plan where a small group of synthetics would return to and reveal the subway station as being the home of the escaped synthetics to draw Ascension’s military squads in.

“No. You’ll die. You can’t do it alone.” Silus argues. He knew this was going to happen. He could feel it. He should have left Nova here and taken his small group back while he’d had the chance, but he didn’t. He had come to believe that Nova would never actually go through with such insanity. She had mentioned it, on more than one occasions, but that had been weeks ago.

“You can’t stop me.” Nova reasons with a knowing smile.

It’s true and Silus knows that, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to just roll over and accept it. She’d have to stop him for him not to follow her. Nova knows this and that is why she isn’t actually stood in the room in front of Silus and the burly collection of other synthetics. Her holographic projection shimmers revealing her secret. Silus curses loudly as he flies into a rage as her deception is revealed.

“Why?” Silus thunders.

“There’s something I need to do.” Nova offers with a fleeting smile.

“What? What can be so damned important?” Silus roars, but he never gets the answer.

“Run.” Is the single response Nova gives before ending her connection to the holographic projection.

Silus flies off into a rage cursing her for her stubbornness, but it lasts only moments as one of the burly synthetics asks what Silus’ orders are. He thinks for a moment before sighing heavily, his shoulders dropping in resignation. He knows what they have to do.

“We’re leaving. No arguments.” Silus utters as he stares at the point on the floor where Nova’s hologram had once been.

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