“News is coming in that Ascension personnel have assaulted the abandoned Denin Subway Station.” The news reporter, a young woman, says in the moments prior to the station suddenly exploding. The entire above ground structure collapses into the void of the subway station below. The reporters eyes go wide in shock as the horror of the people she has just witnessed pour into the station hits her.

“Uh.” Is all the news reporter manages as the station cuts away from the scene being broadcast and to a standby screen that is counting down with an audible beep.

“Get it together Miranda.” The producer barks at her via her earpiece.

The young woman nods in response seconds before the feed cuts back to her.

“It looks like the entire station has collapsed. We have yet to receive reports on how this has happened, or why Ascension personnel were on sight. We have issued a request to them for comment, but as yet have had no response. Our hearts and minds go out to the people who were inside when the structure collapsed.” Miranda reels off without a thought, as she reads the teleprompter.

“It looks like Doctor Alexander Elliot is going to issue us with an official statement.” Miranda says seconds before the news station cuts to the feed of Doctor Alexander Elliot who is stood before the camera, looking nervous.

“Doctor Elliot you are live on air.” Miranda’s voice offers unsure as to why Doctor Elliot hasn’t begun speaking. But he continues for a time to stare off camera for a short time before giving a curt nod.

“Miranda. Good evening. I am here to tell you that…that there is nothing to be concerned about. Ascension were surveying the integrity of the building for future redevelopment when an accident occurred.” Alexander says with a forced smile. The man is wearing an expensive looking tailored charcoal coloured suit, but that can’t hide the fact that he looks on edge.

“But Doctor we just witnessed dozens of individuals. Armed. Flooding into the building in the moments prior to its collapse and you’re telling me this is little more than an accident at a site Ascension have been eyeballing for redevelopment? That’s seems farfetched.” Miranda retorts sceptical of Alexander’s statement.

“Yes. Yes that is the official company line. No…No I won’t say it…you can’t make me.” Alexander begins as he rages at someone off screen.

“Doctor, who else is with you?” Miranda queries as the feed remains focused on Doctor Elliot who raises his hands to show they are bound at the wrists. But the image shifts seconds later to show video footage of Doctor Alexander Elliot and Ascension as they experiment, torture and execute synthetics, who are all pleading for their lives.

“You bitch! I’ll get you for this. You can’t escape us. We’ll…” Alexander begins but never finishes as a blur of motion races over to him, snaps his neck and then disappears. His dead body is left lying on the carpeted floor of his office, the camera, lens cracked, lying on its side, focused on the now dead Doctor Alexander Elliot. The image stays on screen for longer than it should before the producer manages to cut the feed back to the countdown again.

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