Blurb for next story: Trade

Hey! I know its not Wednesday, but this post is a teaser for what is coming tomorrow. Enjoy! Stuart is a former doctor who runs an illegal mems business on the side to repay a gambling debt. He rips memories out of people who have fallen on hard times and sells them off to theContinue reading “Blurb for next story: Trade”


For this desireYou do inspireEvery pageEvery phraseWith this new dayWith this passage sayYou built your pyreYou built it higher Wisdom will comeAlone as onePull the ropeFocus the scopeWith every lineWith every letterYou forge a testYou forge this best With heaven doneYou will becomeEvery noteOf every quoteYou edit this fireOf human desireWriting this tomeYour perfect epitomeContinue reading “Empyre”