Assessing Nature

Have you ever stared at the leaves?Given study to how vines weave?Watched as the grass does grow?Or does it all mean naught to you? With vibrant colours of summers bloomThe taste of pollen continues to swarmSwollen pods of future fertilityTaken great distances across the sky Have you ever wondered how they grow?Or how far downContinue reading “Assessing Nature”

Speechless Pro

Been thinking about posting on Thursday’s when there is a blurb post on the Tuesday of the same week. Not sure yet. Still, here’s a poem! Blood on the streetsHate in the veinsYou stoked the fireNow you feel the flamesTalk all your shitTell all the liesYou are the tyrant that is despisedDon’t try to actContinue reading “Speechless Pro”


As promised yesterday here is the story Circumnavigate. Its a long one (a little under 26300 words). I got carried away. I had an outline and I ran with it. Never thought it would end up as long as it did. But here it is, enjoy! It’s been fifty years since the world ended. NoContinue reading “Circumnavigate”

Blurb: Circumnavigate

This is starting to look like its becoming a habit because I’m back again with another blurb. This story will be out tomorrow. This is purely just a teaser of what is to come. The world has been flooded. Sea levels have risen a thousand metres. Billions died in the wake of the rising tidesContinue reading “Blurb: Circumnavigate”

Old Home Movies

Pictures of a memory fadingIts been years of us waitingPassing like ships in the nightWill our paths ever unite?I remember when we were youngThe hours would simply be goneBut now that we are fully grownI always count the time aloneSummers running through the fieldsLife never seemed so realBut now we barely even speakIts like ourContinue reading “Old Home Movies”

A Single Day

The sun rises on another dayTwenty four hours is the realityIt starts off dark and with little lightBefore our star rises up into sightBirds do call at the dawn breakingWith human beings leaping into momentumGetting from their cozy bedsThey prepare for what lies aheadTake a shower and eat some foodBefore they head out onto theContinue reading “A Single Day”

Lies, Lies, Lies

I don’t usually post on a Thursday. But seeing as I wrote this a few days ago, it relates to current events and there’s already posts for the other four days of the week I thought, why not. Lies, lies, liesWill they ever stop?Or are you too busy just making it up?Twist some words toContinue reading “Lies, Lies, Lies”