Soft flakes upon the lawnFloating down from heavenWhisked by the swirling windTo dance as they descendPristine under the rising sunWaiting for the children to comeHours pass before the sleighsBodies wrapped up against the minus degreesThe white blanket broken by the funAs snowballs are sent hurlingThe cries of joy are thick and fastAs they wish forContinue reading “Flakes”

Vitriol Lashing

Sinking into the endless pitWill you ever climb out of it?As you sing about the moonAnother cacophony at noonShedding tears onto the floorsLocked behind your prviate walls Pity for the selfish twinsYou name them heirs of nothingWhile the weeds weave and growAnother fit do you throwFrom on high the crows do callWaiting for the curtainsContinue reading “Vitriol Lashing”


The day has come for the release of Infection! It’s another long one (at 21700 words) and it’s a zombie apocalypse story. Hope you like it! It’s a little over two years since the world ended. Billions died in the wake of an infection that spread like wildfire. The only problem is that the deadContinue reading “Infection”

Blurb: Infection

I’m back with another blurb. This is just a tease for the full story that’ll be posted tomorrow. The world has ended. Billions died in the wake of an infection that spread across the globe. But the infected didn’t stay dead. Which is why they now walk the Earth.  Small pockets of humanity are allContinue reading “Blurb: Infection”

Gone Away

You went away so suddenlyLeaving just a hole in meStuck with just memoriesThey never faded awayAs I searched the streetsCombed the hospitals and clinicsEven visited your old favouritesBut each one let me downYou were nowhere to be found Adorning posters on the wallsI swear I could hear your callsTurning round for disappointmentIt was never youContinue reading “Gone Away”


Why do things have to be so difficult?Artificial barriers of malcontentA hamster wheel we call developmentAided by consumer culture detrimentTrapped within our self-imposed limitConvinced that we should hold our spaceWhile encouraging only a slow paceBut is a rung where we belong?Or should we continue to strive on?Climbing up the endless cliffIgnoring whether we’re part ofContinue reading “Confined”

What Remains – Original Opening

Hi everyone! Here is a little bonus post now that What Remains is out. This is the original opening that I wrote for the story. But I didn’t like it, so went back and changed it quite considerably, I think. The changes were made to make it flow better and simply because I didn’t likeContinue reading “What Remains – Original Opening”

What Remains

Story day! This is shorter than the last (about 18800 words in fact) and is a semi-sequel to Circumnavigate. I say semi because it occurs in the same post-apocalypse and around a similar time frame. Overall however, I think its a very different story. It did change quite a bit from the original outline IContinue reading “What Remains”