Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains

Hi everybody! Blurbs are back! Well at least for this week anyway. Took me a while to outline this one and it did get a full revision before I started writing it but its done now. The full short story will be posted tomorrow as normal. But here is the blurb. Hope you like it!

Karim is a smuggler and like all smugglers prefers a low profile. But when you’ve done as many runs as he has that becomes almost impossible. He’s renowned. At least in the underworld. And that renown has led to him becoming a target for the human systems combined authority.
Thus far he’s eluded them but with each run he draws one step closer to their grasp and this might be the run that sees him brought low. But he owes big and like it or not he has to see this through to the end, if he has any hopes of seeing tomorrow.

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