Root Magic

Story day has come round again. This week I’ve got a fantasy story (about 11500 words long) that involves magic and those that are against magic. Check it out and see what you think. Henrik Veldervern is hurrying as fast as his old legs will take him down a well lit underground passage under theContinue reading “Root Magic”

Always Celebrating

Roll up at eightJust an hour lateThe volume is loudAnd there’s a good crowdGrabbing a brewFrom people I don’t knowGone in a flashThis is the right pathChat for a bitThen jump in the pitSlay all I canThen bar before tenSeven shotsFeeling kinda hotThe room is blurryStill got plenty of furyBack to the floorTo dance someContinue reading “Always Celebrating”

Mere Man

You call me a saviour,But stop telling liesI’m simply a human,Falling from the skiesRose from the ashes,Ready to thrivePity I was trapped,And left to dieLabelled me the future,As you drove in the knifeGave me a crown,Just to watch me drownClaimed to be friend,While conspiringTook joy in the hate,You’re addicted to itSmiling as I faltered,Never compassionateStabbingContinue reading “Mere Man”

Scrap And Bone

This is another long short story (about 20000 words). It’s also a return to Sci-Fi, which is no great surprise as that is mainly what I write. But that’s enough from me. Take a look and see what you think of Scrap And Bone. “Just how long is it ‘til we get to this HelenContinue reading “Scrap And Bone”

Golden Alabaster

Burn, burn, burn disasterHere there is no masterBuild, build, build foreverEmpire of golden alabaster With the spire of a thousands sunsA new day will soon be spunGreat machines of treacheryConspiring to never beAs vines of life begin to seetheHopeless will become the breed Burn, burn, burn disasterHere there is no masterBuild, build, build foreverEmpire ofContinue reading “Golden Alabaster”

By Fire And Blade

Right, this time I’ve got a non-Sci-Fi story involving a warrior and his service to a ruler. Not going to say much more than that other than it’s about 13500 words. Hope you enjoy it! The thick metal armour covering Galrun’s body is starting to weigh heavily on him. His muscles are straining as heContinue reading “By Fire And Blade”