Veil Of Lies

New story day! Back to fantasy with this one. And it’s a lot shorter than the last (about 11000 words). Wasn’t sure about this one when I wrote it, but after going through it I’ve decided I do like it. I needed some changes and additions but what doesn’t. Anyway, that’s enough rabbiting from me.Continue reading “Veil Of Lies”

No More

A knife in the backHere you go againSearching for a weaknessBetraying a friendBut too little too lateYou won’t be fulfilling that hateI’m too busy moving past itSmiling into what’s comingInvincible from your painBetter luck on the next game Kick to the teethYou refuse to be beatAiming for my dreamsBut I’m far from thisOblivious to theContinue reading “No More”

Burrowing Stares

I feel all the eyes on meAnd they just won’t go awayAlways burrowing deeper inIts like they’re judgement won’t endUnblinking and without a careThey’re just filling me with fearThe searing I feel at all timesAs my chest fills ’til I’m drowningShortness of breath I can’t fixI’m sure my lungs will burstAs they continue to watchLikeContinue reading “Burrowing Stares”


You are the reason the world has gone darkInstigating a war that you crave to startCouldn’t care less about the lives that are lostDeath should come no matter the human costWith a knife to the throat of the worldHappy to watch the hope continue to erodeTwisting lies that you call truthsYou will never admit theContinue reading “Figurehead”


This didn’t go to plan. Not in a bad way. More in a, I planned for this to be about as long as the last story, Root Magic (which was about 11500 words), way.Instead its more than twice that (about 28500 words) and is now the longest story I will have posted here. Oops! Nevertheless,Continue reading “Kismet”

Blurb: Kismet

Here’s the preview of what’s coming tomorrow. Enjoy! Isis has been reborn. After centuries of death she has returned to life. But the world is very different now. It is not the world she was born into and the name she has been given is not the one she once held. She doesn’t remember herContinue reading “Blurb: Kismet”


You wanna tear someone down?Well you can wear that cursed crown I won’t be part of another witch huntAnd couldn’t care less about the words you shuntAs after all you’re just a toxic soulAnd I won’t engage with such a trollSo find a new source of your manufactured dramaBefore you are hit by a tonneContinue reading “Troll”