Falter, Fall, Stall

Played the big man and talked the talkAll that was left was to walkBut courage was gone as was the wishFelt headless and on a dish Served up to the forever kingsThe ones to which it meant nothingSo now sit amongst the trashCounting all the absent cash Symphonies still plague the mindCutting right through theContinue reading “Falter, Fall, Stall”

From Dirt

Back again for another story. This is the story of a warrior who fails. It’s more a fantasy story than anything else. No explicit use of magic here. There’s some mysticism and implications that more is happening than is mentioned though. The idea for this one, not that I often give details about such, cameContinue reading “From Dirt”

The Choice Is Yours

Realign before you reach the gateYou don’t have to make a mistake There is a trail you can treadOne removed from what you’ve readThese are words and they hold weightBut only if you indulge the hate Not a confirmation in destinyYou can refuse to indulge barbarity Fuel a machine that means moreForm a structure youContinue reading “The Choice Is Yours”


You feel the chill crawl up your spineAs the winds howl and you drop the lineThe temperature will freeze you soonYou better get out of this snow stormCause if you are trapped in the openDon’t think that you’ll be surviving Cracking ice as you try to climbOne foul move and you’ll just dieExposed skin won’tContinue reading “Subzero”


Five, four, three, two, oneBlast off right into the sunDeafening roar right in your chestThis is the dawn of our greatest questAscend past the heavens through the skyIt’s almost like we’ve learned to fly Seperation continues successSo far we’ve passed every testAs most of us watch from our homesUnlike any sight we’ve ever been shownFacesContinue reading “Exploration”

Patient Zero: Origins

Hi everyone! Wednesday has come round again and with it a new story. This is a shorter one at about 10,000 words. It’s also a prequel to Death of Gods. Well, it’s really a pre-prequel seeing as how long before that story it is. Not saying there will be a story between the two asContinue reading “Patient Zero: Origins”


Slink among the tall grassWhile the sun beats down so harshStalking prey that has been foundPositioning without a single soundKeeping low and out of sightGet close without a frightSoon will come the time to pounceTo strike quicker than they bounceNow the trap is set and readyAs the gazelle’s stand steadySuddenly the trap is sprungThe predatorContinue reading “Stalk”