Blinded Or Dreaming

Battered and wornWhere is the scornHere is the memoryThere we are tornLost in the ethereal Blinded or dreamingImagination screaming Trapped in the hazeNo clearing our gazeWars are the waysLives taken in wavesStaring at the maze Blinded or dreamingImagination screaming Search for a meaningWhere is the freedomBullet to the grievingForgetting the feelingLife is a brief thingContinue reading “Blinded Or Dreaming”

Anvil Of Discord

Right, back again for another story. Fantasy is the name of the game this time. Though, this is a longer one at about 17,300 words. Also not focused on humans this time. Felt like a change. A dwarf is the focus of this story. Had other background stuff to include that couldn’t make it fitContinue reading “Anvil Of Discord”


You say I’ve fallenI say I’m freeGiven to darknessLight blinded me A rose of thornsJagged and wornAwait the poisoning Severed all tiesPeople have diedNo allies leftGripped by new purpose A rose of thornsJagged and wornAwait the poisoning Crafted from boneHere lies my throneForm shifted shapeMercy has no place A rose of thornsJagged and wornAwait theContinue reading “Thorn”


Burn the bridgesStoke the forgeFeel the bloodWage your warsWretched hidesCrippled livesNo more sightedDead criesShattered prideDying lightEndless Night Prepare for the reckoningWe are the horsemenThere is no escaping Build your wallsIgnore the callsWait to dieSay goodbyeBuried liesOpen eyesDead promisesFresh scarsLast nightNo fightSold right Prepare for the reckoningWe are the horsemenThere is no escaping See the visionFeelContinue reading “Horsemen”

Unsocial Media

Create a profile just to trollShows a lack of self-controlHiding in your box roomMust be nice to be a loonSuperior to the very coreEvery word you find a boreWell how about you do betterKnow you can’t even write a letterShortsighted and lacking brainWant renown and anonymous fameGate-keep all you really likeYou will be kept outContinue reading “Unsocial Media”


Hi everybody! Back again for the first story post of 2021 and a bit like the first story posts on this site, this one is a transcript story. It is Sci-Fi, sort of, but in no way involves space or war. Instead, it’s more a psychological thing. A lot of details are never explicitly givenContinue reading “Laurentian”

Words Of Hate

Twist your line around my throatUpon those words I hope you chokeDesensitising all of the risingLittle chance of me survivingMortal shell that can’t resistYou are the definition of lie filled blissWith an axe in hand and hate in your heartI don’t want to be privy to any single partThese are not the halls I believeContinue reading “Words Of Hate”


Clock ticks down to the endHours fade, I won’t pretendWords are cheap and that’s my thinkingWhen will the false god be leaving SabotageWe were both wrongPower tripNeither wants this happening Haunted ties of miseryI hate no one but you hate meKnives in the back bleeding blackTime to end this endless hack SabotageWe were both wrongPowerContinue reading “Sabotage”