Hi everybody! Back again for the first story post of 2021 and a bit like the first story posts on this site, this one is a transcript story. It is Sci-Fi, sort of, but in no way involves space or war. Instead, it’s more a psychological thing. A lot of details are never explicitly given but instead inferred. It’s on the shorter side (for me) at about 7,000 words. So without further delay, here is Laurentian.

Data Recovery/ Audio Log Entry Three (3)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/Team Leader Log/April 15th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Omar Carmine, Two [2] – Doctor Danielle Hussein

[1] Log entry…Oh I don’t’ know, three maybe. This procedural shit is already getting on my nerves. First I had to make a log just to say we’d arrived. Then I had to provide an update on the status of the Dsil, and for what? I don’t know. I’m team lead and I don’t know. Doesn’t that tell you something?

There is a long pause. Then a loud defeated sigh followed by a shorter silence.

[1] Scrub that from the record. I’ll start again. Though God knows I don’t want to.

An inward breath can be heard on the audio recording but the previous opening seconds still stand.

[1] Omar Carmine, Research Team Lead for Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian. Entry three, as per my previous mandated check-in Dsil is fully operational and everyone is up to speed on their roles and requirements while down here. I will give a brief overview of crew, as it was not attached in either of my previous entries, and then hand-off to Doctor Hussein for the detailed overview of the science that will be undertaken while down here.

There is another pause, this one shorter than the first.

[1] Other than myself and Doctor Hussein, who is chief scientist down here, we have scientists Victor Flynn, Ronald King and Alex Tuck. My support members are: Brendan Smith, Calvin Fenn, Sergei Ivenko and Camilla Webb.

[1] That’s my report concluded. Everything else was given in my previous entries as per protocol.

Suddenly there is a beep, long and audible in the recording. It lasts for maybe twenty seconds before an answer comes.

[2] What is it Omar?

[1] Doctor Hussein, log entry three has been completed. According to procedure I am to hand you the reigns so that you can detail what is required by our paymasters.

[2] You could sound a little less cavalier seeing as this is a mandated procedure.

[1] I could Doc, but I won’t. And you wouldn’t too if you’d already had to give two of these things before this one.

[2] I did Omar. You aren’t the only one being dictated to. But it is for our benefit.

[1] You can believe that all you want Doc. I’m just here to facilitate you and your team the best I can.

[2] You don’t believe in what we’re doing?

[1] Doc, I don’t have the slightest clue what you and you’re colleagues will be doing down here and I don’t want to know. That’s beyond my remit.

[2] And not an ounce of curiosity?

[1] I learned long ago I stop being curious when I’m not paid to be.

[2] What a dry way to be.

[1] Not all of us are scientists, Doc. Some of us are just here to do a job and check a paycheck at the end of it.

[2] Ex-military?

[1] Me, nah. Just experienced in the art of keeping my nose out of where it doesn’t belong.

[2] I guess I should thank you for that.

[1] Whether you do or not has no affect on me. But to be honest, it’s been a long day and I want to hit the hay. So if you don’t mind, can you accept the incoming entry ownership command I’m sending?

[2] Oh, yes, of course, apologies. But your presence for the entry would not be interference. And you never know you might learn something.

[1] No Doc, I wouldn’t. Good night.

[2] Good night, Omar.

With the transfer of log ownership from Omar Carmine to Doctor Danielle Hussein complete, the secure link between them ends.

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