Overthinking With A Bad Memory

I look at things but don’t remember,Its as if my memory is made of cheddar.But the cause I cannot comprehend.Am I going round the bend?If yes then why all this torture?Maybe its a part of some disorder.Or perhaps it is just a phase.If so then let me be rid of this haze.It stifles and doesContinue reading “Overthinking With A Bad Memory”

Not All That Can Hurt Is Able To Be Seen

Night is approaching and soon the light goes out.Do you really want to be the final shadow that’s about?Standing alone out there with just mist.Remain in place too long you may become missed. Forgotten by the sands of time.It flows away like water off a dime.But fear is real especially if you close your eyes.Continue reading “Not All That Can Hurt Is Able To Be Seen”

Move Like Smoke

Hey everyone! That time of the week again, story day! This week I’ve got a fictional story set in a world filled with anthropomorphised animals. I don’t explicitly say where and when the story is based but seeing as it involves ninja, and Samurai are mentioned, you might be able to guess. That’s all I’mContinue reading “Move Like Smoke”

Forged In Fools

Ride for the capture.The tide of the rapture.Call to the wind.Until we must turn in.Are these sights all true?Or do we create them for you?Soon my head does spin.Leave us not in sin. This decree on burnt parchment is not signed.Whoever did draft it must have not been aligned.For the words are unworthy and theContinue reading “Forged In Fools”

Opposites And Parallels

You want scriptures.I crave pictures.The two of us are not compatible.Cause if you say white,I say grey.Neither of us gets to eat, OK? So don’t look glum when I offer to you,This must end before we each do.Its the truth even if we don’t want to admit,Some day we will both be over it. ParrellelsContinue reading “Opposites And Parallels”

Babylon’s No More

Babylon.Fires so wrong.Green turned to ash.All for some cash. Broke the promise of the dream.All to increase your income stream.Now the streets are shattered.Lives lie in shreds and tatters.Is this what you did intend?No thought did you use to comprehend,That what you breed is pure disaster.Every word you speak is manufactured. Smile so wide yourContinue reading “Babylon’s No More”

Best Laid

Gnaw at the parasites.What you say won’t make it right.Trade ’til the morning light.Each new spark is none too bright.Forced out of this life.Periodic in how you wield your strife.Measured out all of the night.Bring silence here to avoid the fight. But stumbling is all the same.One false move will dole out the blame.Gratified byContinue reading “Best Laid”

From The Moon

Hi! Another Sci-Fi story this week. Unlike others where I don’t specify how far in the future they are, this one you can work out. I don’t explicitly say the year but the decade is sort of provided. And all I’m going to say about this one, which you can probably guess from the title,Continue reading “From The Moon”