Forcing The Change

Bullet will go down the barrel,All to make the target sterile.Sick of the warchief scenario.Sound will reverb in stereo.Traitors stand all around,Each one will soon be on the ground.Laid flat upon the dirt and stones.One day they will be just bones.Names lost to the drifting fog,It tastes more like filth and smog.First the trigger mustContinue reading “Forcing The Change”


Warmth upon my flesh,I’ve been craving this.Heat in my bones,Puts pay to the moans. So drink in the sparkle,For it is a marvel.Cast out the blinding,It won’t subvert climbing.For the sky is the dawn,With purpose new born.It’s why you held out your hand.A confident state by which you stand.But careful of the aroma,It may makeContinue reading “Starlight”

Upon The Rack

Ropes on my wrists that cut through my clothes,Protection not offered is just how it goes.Cause I’m not meant to be comfortable for the future.What is on offer is a simple form a torture. Punishment rendered unto me,From the condemnation I cannot flee. Tied round the ankles and ready to scream,Soon will start the pullingContinue reading “Upon The Rack”

Spires Of Iron

Back with another story. This weeks, I did not notice until reviewing, sounds a lot like Gears Of War. Funny thing is it was Godzilla: King Of The Monsters which inspired it. Anyway, ignoring that aside. This is a sci-fi war-apocalypse story set on a world like Earth but not. In it humanity are losingContinue reading “Spires Of Iron”

Synthetic Crusade

Cold and calculated,With a new system integrated.Cycle past and reroute,Choose a target which to shoot.But less is more until its not.Then just shift it to forgot.Justifiable excuse,Until you are twinned with the noose.At that point you change your tune.Fake yourself like a loon.Didn’t buy it then and still don’t now.Your explanation doesn’t fit somehow.And evenContinue reading “Synthetic Crusade”

No Witness No Justice

Stains on the carpet and scuffs on the wall.Whatever happened here was between Peter and Paul.Smears on the doorknob still yet to dry.This fight was so mighty and no one heard a cry.Don’t believe a word with the hour so late.Someone would have checked and witnessed the fate.But no one is caving and the trailContinue reading “No Witness No Justice”

Wheels Keep Turning

I’ve got a post-apocalyptic fare for you all to read this week. On purpose there isn’t a full explanation as to what happened. My hope is you’ll get a few minor hints and then come to your own conclusions. I think that’s kinda fun, to be honest. Anyway, the story involves several characters. There areContinue reading “Wheels Keep Turning”

Tragic Tale Of Jane

Jane is, at the bottle again.Her life, is not what she should be living.Days filled, with abject boredom.Cause all her, friends are stuck on nothing.So she, calls a preist on the phone.Naivety, has never been bleached from her bones.Then comes, the charge at the end.She swears then that religions a trend.Heathen, is the cry inContinue reading “Tragic Tale Of Jane”