Absolute Zero

Absolute zero.That is you as a hero.Powers of an everyman.Could do with being a barbarian.For your intent is lacking.Each new day you are slacking.Speak but only sound comes out.And when you speak it is chock full of doubt. Wrapped in spandex like a fool;You don’t look anything close to cool.Just a guy who crosses theContinue reading “Absolute Zero”

Lost In The Noise

Helter-skelter run around the endless face of a clock.What stands here does not mean that it’s what you’ve got.Mark territory with a stream that might not remain.So much could still be banished by a stain.Wrap tendrils and press a world to the chest.Run the thread through everything that’s best.Can’t shift how things have been perceived.WhenContinue reading “Lost In The Noise”


Forgiveness is a two way street.Don’t ask if you’re not willing to meet,Halfway along the road of remorse.Some only plot a demanding course.Believe they are owed being let off the hook.Not how that should ever actually look.But if you are sincere with your regret,Then there is a chance you’ll no longer be deemed a threat.NotContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Discard The Mold

Welcome glory and all its light.Never will it be too bright.Sectioned mind with plenty of space.Whatever you want I refuse disgrace.Bullying words meant to wither and bend.All those statements have been condemned.Patronise but still I will plough forward.The future has not been preordered.So do your worst and witness the effects.Once I’m done you’ll need toContinue reading “Discard The Mold”


I call me boring but you won’t admit;Apparently that is something you wish I’d quit.Whip smart but can’t see that is true.Can’t remember half of what I once knew.Still you insist while declaring my victory.I am the marshal who will write our history.Union between lines that divide.Pity so few wish to subscribe.Instead the battles continueContinue reading “Duo”

Tornado Stories

Spin so much I can’t see past the funnel.Think I’d prefer to be down in a tunnel.With debris that cuts my skin is so scarred.Not things I thought I’d have to regard.But darkness is terror and I’m not drawn.In the depths there are things said to spawn.Marred surface upon which we once stood.Never have IContinue reading “Tornado Stories”

Death Of The Dance

Forget me or forgive me not.These are all the ideas that I’ve got.Mother’s in the streets with tears in their eyes.Babies are crying because of the cracked skies.Hound off the lease and sinking right in.Streets littered with despair, not sure where to begin. Death of the dance,Removed the romance.Life of decay;Will end us as weContinue reading “Death Of The Dance”