Those Who Came Before

I search for the hands of my makers.For they were the only partakers;Founders of the world we tread.Cannot put that thought to bed.For they must dwell out beyond the edge.Reaching them is something to which I pledge. Not a dream but a promise I make.From this goal no one can shake;For my resolve is absolute.ToContinue reading “Those Who Came Before”

Nature Speaks

Ears split as the thunder rolls.It’s frightening and taking its tolls.Payment wanted up front in full.This storm has a relentless pull. Demand that everybody heeds the call.If you don’t then you will fall.There is no doubt because it is fact.Relent now before you’re cracked,By the bursts of lightning bolts.Heart stopping value of volts.Believe that youContinue reading “Nature Speaks”


It’s dark under the stairs.No room to even split hairs.So long since I’ve left this space.Forgotten the look of my face.My eyes acclimiatised to night.What is it like to see bright? Memories are difficult to see.Will I ever be set free?Past events point to no.Suffering I wish would go.But hope is something I won’t hold.ToContinue reading “Prisoner”

Excerpt From Events

Chances remaining to me are too few.I get why there is a demand I stay away from you.Emotions are raw and I was the blade.Came in like a butcher without an ounce of attention paid.Struck the match and caused the burn.No way I will deny that which I did turn.So deliver your punishment unto me.ForContinue reading “Excerpt From Events”

Right Hand Of Ruin

Bow down to your eternally chosen master.That way your ascent will be much faster.And with a gauntleted fist across your heart,You show how willing you are to start;Execute the orders that are given.It’s a command to dispatch the hidden.Those who dwell in the dark.They have been nothing but a shark;Busily baying for the greatest kill.AimContinue reading “Right Hand Of Ruin”


Scritching and scratching.This hobby of patching,Up the holes torn in,To absolutely everything.Mark from the martyr.They are a fire starter.Twisted by their joy.Believe the world to be a toy.Smile carved from skin.To them there’s no chagrin.Juggled states of mind.Murderous leading the blind,To feed upon the carrion.Quintessential vulgarian.Type who believes in pain.Only if it helps them gain,AContinue reading “Vitae”

Body Mortis

Walk into the night.Stars shining so bright.Knife between the teeth.Hoping for relief.Hide amongst the shade.Pray the debts been paid. Here lies the body mortis.It is of sole importance.Hand upon the brave.Nothing left to crave.With a strike to the heart.Extinguished was that spark. Razors at the ready.Striking hand is steady.Preparation for the kill.Blood soon will spill.StainContinue reading “Body Mortis”