Dip In Your Yield

You speak but I hear no sound.You could be saying things quite profound.But I doubt you have that in you.Instead they’ll be more lies to evade.It’s what you do best and I won’t lie;It’s quite impressive how you keep them in line.If it was me I’d stumble and crash.Not be capable of building this track.ButContinue reading “Dip In Your Yield”

Heart Flame

Existential dread.When will I reclaim my head?Incessant bickering.I feel my heart flame flickering. Strung out from all the endless noise.All it does is bring a sting to the joys.The ones I wish to feel each day.Not have to fight to stay my way.Cause when pressures mounting I lose the will.This world needs to pause andContinue reading “Heart Flame”

Talons In Turmoil

Tug on the ropes that keep you there.What remains is but a false form of care.Hounded by the beats of a war drum.Where is the endless pounding coming from?Too late to know but plenty of time to run.Never forget where you originally spun,Clear of all the facets that did not fit.Are you not getting realContinue reading “Talons In Turmoil”

Pollute My Veins

Pollute my veins with your love.Feels like you were sent from above.Tight chest and feeling dizzy.Don’t think my chest has ever felt so busy. Eyes of grey I can’t escape.Not a feeling I wish to break.Smile plastered vast and wide.So far this has been the best sort of ride. Speaking sweetly in my ear.Dispels allContinue reading “Pollute My Veins”

Way Past Clearly

This has got to be…Way past clearly.This has got to me…Regrettably. Inject the invasion from the light of the moon.What lies deep within is just another tune.Song of the creepy who sit beside the damned.If you want something more you should have lent a hand. This has got to be…Way past clearly.This has got toContinue reading “Way Past Clearly”

Laugh In Denial

Walk to the gates;When will come the fates?Laugh in denial;Beneath the sickened smile.Subvert and surprise;Lead them to the rise.Waiting for the call;To ignite the ball. Serenity has come;Roll out and be done.When will we answer back?Our mind is under that!Crash to the sting;Are these the doubts you bring?Cause all that comes is noise,Killing off theContinue reading “Laugh In Denial”

For What Beguiles

Ruptured from the core.Craving for so much more.My arms are open,But words are yet to be spoken.Give me your will and I will gift you mine.Indecision does not need the time.With shattered ashes and broken glass.Neither of us wants this crash.Idolised and slipping down,The levels rising and soon we’ll drown. Beauty turned to incineration.Why soContinue reading “For What Beguiles”

Stalk And Slay

Restraint is for the merciful;It’s something I find quite non-surgical.I’d rather carve than engage in negotiation,For it builds upon my reputation;Of vicious heart with a murderous mind.Time to cut the body from the rind. Stalk and slay.That is your way.Feast on the prey.Sickening display. Kindness is for the meek.To me it has always tasted sweet.It’sContinue reading “Stalk And Slay”