Know what matters to you the most.Raise your glass to it and toast.For your self-worth will remain the key.Never discard or hand it away for free.Build your kingdom; see it grow.Through you life will continually flow.Yet wounds will come to rip you wide.Take each one of them in your stride.Repair and reform but don’t loseContinue reading “Self-Worth”

Garner To Steal

I hear you wish to garner favour;Never will it be done with your behaviour.Charged in without a thought or sense.Now you plead for recompense.Disjointed in your way of thinking.So you hold us captive until we are sinking.Beyond the realms of being saved.Best description for the act is depraved.Unleashed by a hand most enthralled by violence.AllContinue reading “Garner To Steal”

Midnight In Minutes

Our world is on fire.Cause has been our desire.In this age of desperate introspection;Contemplation is needed to stem the infection.Ignore the signs and wait for the blade.Either way the universe will be getting repaid.Salvation or sacrifice;These are the only options that will suffice. Disease is so far along.Can’t you see we were wrong?Obsessed with ourContinue reading “Midnight In Minutes”

Skies Over Boiling Sea

Mounted to galleons, we’re carved to the mast.Implored and exploited we look at the past.What was, will forever be.Claims that we cry over the skies of a boiling sea. Fashioned from mistakes repeated each day.So little is filled with our personal say.Slay the expectations freely.Disaasociate with what the universe wants ideally. Made wicked by theContinue reading “Skies Over Boiling Sea”

Shot Through

Light in the dark.Breaking of a heart.Shot through with screams.Here come the dreams. Courageous in but its not coming out.Pierce it through with all the doubt.Mounted high and observed too long.Where is it coming from?Questions stated with answers unknown.Feels like predictions of dog with a bone. Light in the dark.Breaking of a heart.Shot through withContinue reading “Shot Through”