Take Away

Paradoxical dread bathed in brains long stewed.These are the avenues down which we are shooed.Not a place in time but a point for beating.Every breath you take shall start yet more cheating. Wanna build us up,Just to take it away.To you,We are…Nobody! Sandwiched in the mud fashioned from grime.Sentences are fading because of all theContinue reading “Take Away”


Farewell.Don’t calling this an ending.Don’t think this a stop.All that is happening is we’re parting from the rot.So hold all your memories and never let go.This separation will not be final so know… Farewell is temporary.Not the same as goodbye.You can see when you wish,Just look to the sky.Never let voices tell you that theyContinue reading “Farewell”

Deal To Steal

We’re not all rich and you need to see,Beleiving we are will lead to catastrophe.Cause if you keep pushing then we’re all going broke.Brainless theiving morons we all hope you choke. Pity we can’t tax you like you deserve.Maybe then your opinions you would remain in reserve.Now stop mouthing off with claims that ‘you understand.’IfContinue reading “Deal To Steal”

Wide And Far

March to the beat of thundering guns.Disassociate from a mountain of puns.Graft the pieces and form the puzzle.Upon this world there remains a muzzle.Lichen sprouting from the undergrowth.Don’t allow them to take… Hope from the armies of a star.From disaster we can rebuild wide and far. Scream in pursuit of remaining without fame.Not a momentContinue reading “Wide And Far”

Survive The Flood

Learn from peasants how to be a shining star.Superiority will never carry you that far.Wicked lesson that you would be best to heed.Otherwise you might be treated with a wounded stead. Revitalise rather than crush beneath a boot.To much tragedy can be found at the root.Source which wretched ages had chance to spawn.They were theContinue reading “Survive The Flood”

To Crooked Kings

Down with the demons and all of their hurt,This is a place you won’t let the world convert. Too much is never enough.Spinning to embellish trust.Hail to the crooked kings.Down on the upside is not much of anything. Down in the grime where little does wait,Pretty face mounted upon an endless fake. Too much isContinue reading “To Crooked Kings”


Beg, steal or borrow…Can you offer sorrow?Doubt is strong and stench is rife.Your feeling is you lack belief.Sifting through the dirt of paradise.A voice whispers that is requires sacrifice.Scared and meek you ignore the words.Turn your attention towards the birds.They soar high and you wish you were among,But lack the conviction to reach for them.Continue reading “Vindict”