Vile Bloom

You’re so vile in the way you bloom.Fill every moment with crushing gloom. Get out and then stay there;I’m sick of living in fear,For the words you speak are like poison barbs.You drive them deep with all your hearts;Lined up on your sleeve,I just need some reprieve.Pause before crescendo.Signs that I really need to go;Run!Continue reading “Vile Bloom”

Eyes Of Pearlescent Blue

Permanent grin marries well with your skin.Flawless like an angel carved from marble.Some might not agree but their opinion means naught to me. Dance for joy.Scream when you’re happy.If the world goes down in flames.Make sure your enjoyment was plenty. Long long legs that go all the way up.A naughty wink suggests a few things.NoneContinue reading “Eyes Of Pearlescent Blue”

Kill. Repent. Repeat.

There are bodies in the hall again.You said this wouldn’t be happening.I trusted you and feel betrayed.Do you ever mean a thing you say?No don’t answer, I can’t listen right now.Please just go, no longer can I look at you.My heart is too busy tearing in two. Digging shallow graves to hide the corpses.Sweat andContinue reading “Kill. Repent. Repeat.”

Pause & Mute

No one has been born for war.Those are just words to confuse more.Yelled in secret and boxed in steel.Elite wants to take away all that you feel.So ignore the hatred and block the flame.Drop their suffering out your brain.For words are cheap and so are they.Desperate souls hoping to siphon positivity. Pause the pain.Mute theContinue reading “Pause & Mute”