Turn The Key

Creeping in the halls of painAnother trophy calls your nameShouting dreams of heresyCan the future ever be free?As the clock does strike twelveSing for revolution bellsFor a night without falling shellsYou pay the piper to end the spell Dillusions of a broken mindThe world will never be so kindSpectres of a broken soulWatch as youContinue reading “Turn The Key”


Wednesday is upon us so without further ado here is Unhinged. Hope you like it! The bank is locked tight. Not because the working day has come to an end though. In fact, the sun is hours away from reaching its zenith. Instead, the bank is locked for a very different reason. Inside Jeremy MyersContinue reading “Unhinged”

Blurb: Unhinged

Hey! I’m back again with another blurb. This really is becoming a habit. Anyway, this is pretty different from what I’ve done before. There are no heroes in this story and when it’s published tomorrow you’ll see that it’s not very long (about 4000 words). So here we go! Ever actually lost your mind? IContinue reading “Blurb: Unhinged”