Talent And Treachery

Hey everybody! Back for another story post. This time I have a fiction story. Don’t really have any other categorization to give it beyond that. Though, I think you might believe otherwise when you start reading it. That’s all I’m saying. Not spoiling anything. Just a little hint is all you’re getting. Anyway, it’s aboutContinue reading “Talent And Treachery”

Clearing House

Story day is here again! Another non-Sci-Fi (I’m sure that’s the wrong way of describing it) story this week. I seem to be on a bit of a roll in that regard. Anyway, I’m not going to say much about this one other than it’s working title, which was Heist. Think that says enough onContinue reading “Clearing House”

The Search

Story day has come round again. This time I’ve got a modern day fiction story for you. No blurb again this week. Didn’t feel that it needed one. It’s another shorter story (at around 5800 words). Hope you enjoy it! Derrick Williams is a middle aged caucasian man who is at this moment speeding downContinue reading “The Search”


Wednesday is upon us so without further ado here is Unhinged. Hope you like it! The bank is locked tight. Not because the working day has come to an end though. In fact, the sun is hours away from reaching its zenith. Instead, the bank is locked for a very different reason. Inside Jeremy MyersContinue reading “Unhinged”

The Event

Right, well this one is a little different from the other story posts thus far seeing as this story is neither fantasy nor Sci-Fi. Quite simply its just fiction, set in the modern day, and follows two peoples very different paths after a traumatic event. The story is about 3600 words long, so lets begin!Continue reading “The Event”


OK, now this is the first actual short story I’ll be posting. The previous five Wednesday’s posts have all been short snippets, where as this is a fully written piece. Not going to spoil any details about the plot (otherwise what is the point in reading it), but let’s just say there is a twistContinue reading “Conflict”