Following orders you can’t comprehendYour ruling is little more than pretendJust a puppet for the masterIts why you’re filled with disasterNo ability to say a coherent thingYou only know parrotingAnother statement from aboveIts why you fail in the momentChoice of words that doesn’t fitPretty sure you don’t understand itVocab of a little kidAre you sureContinue reading “Controlled”

Of Wolf

Back again with a story post. Another fantasy story this week (about 11000 words). You can probably guess what it’s about by the title, so I’ll just come and out and say it involves werewolves. That’s enough from me. See what you think! The sky is dark as the hour is late. The only lightContinue reading “Of Wolf”

Wrap Yourself In A Flag

Another claim about how fair we areWhile killing those who don’t obeyJust wanting them to go awayA finger on the trigger to force your agendaMoments before your next benderDrowning what you don’t agreeCovering what you love in filigreeWhile praying to the colours of your flagSickened at the burning crowdChanting for your very endJust as theContinue reading “Wrap Yourself In A Flag”

Forcing Views

You push your agenda onto all that surroundPretty sure you won’t achieve in the endOur choice, our decisionDon’t try and make us follow your missionCan’t you see it won’t end wellDon’t you get its not our willTrying to force your point is stupid as hell You say how wrong we truly seem to beWhile continuingContinue reading “Forcing Views”


Devious smile of torturous intentYour integrity has been spentSold the dregs to the dogsIts why you’re stuck in bogsSinking deeper until the endNo longer can you pretend Envied knife of lesser designYou are the last from this timeA relic trapped inside the flameReflecting off all the blameWrithing while locked inside the cageLying about being aContinue reading “Crumbling”

Salt And Souls

Hey everyone! Back again for another short story post. This time it’s another fantasy story and is in fact linked to the last one, Veil Of Lies, as it features a character from that story. It’s not really a sequel but more a sidequel (and about 14500 words). Anyway, see what you think. Captain CeresContinue reading “Salt And Souls”


You linger behind the rocksAfraid to speak upSubvert what you believeJust to remain at easeDuck out of sightAfraid to fightWhat do you have left?Seems you gave up the bestTried you so hard to conformActing like you hadn’t been bornIts why you’re craven through and throughVery little for you to doSo you watch from afarHidden withinContinue reading “Craven”

Unhappy Ending

Ascending the spireThat lies in the mireA swamp of the damnedDrowning the landWhile the tower decaysNo getting awayLocked deep insidePrisoner up higherA princess of foolsAdorned in jewelsWaiting for the oneWho can end this runStuck in the towerChances are lowerAs the darkness spreadsA world of the deadShe sleeps awayMaybe one dayAs a knight does ascendHoping toContinue reading “Unhappy Ending”