You want blood for what you surmiseWish I could say its a surpriseAs blood spirals drown the drainIt starts all over againWith a fist to the throatYou just want someone to chokeA tongue like a knifeYou twist it deep insideInflicting upon others your liesNever willing to compromiseToo busy making rash judgementAiming to make pain abundantYouContinue reading “Surmise”

Worlds Collide

Got another straight fiction story for you this week (about 11500 words). It’s about two brothers. Don’t want to say much else as it might give the story away. Hope you enjoy, Worlds Collide. Daniel Jameson, a man who is roughly one hundred and eighty five centimetres tall with swept back brown hair and blueContinue reading “Worlds Collide”

Army Of One

Bathed in the brilliance and watched the moonWhatever you said they’d have labelled you a loonHeretic to the darkest artsClaiming every word you spoke was a farceBut truth be told they knew it was trueThey just refused to admit it tooSo charges were swung your wayThey schemed and hoped that’d make you fray You didn’tContinue reading “Army Of One”


You ask for a handWith a smile so faintNails blood redSmelling like fate But you were a lieSerpent in disguiseStrike like a flashLeaving an open gash You offer an earAs you speak so lowEyes burning brightHoping to know But you were a lieSerpent in disguiseStrike like a flashLeaving an open gash Claim you can helpBattingContinue reading “Bait”

Scratch The Skin

There is no cure for the itchIt permeates through my fleshDroning on the same detailReminding of how I’ll failAnother stitch in the lineRunning out of timeThen the mold will be setHardened by the problematicA view to my tainted shellVictory of the spellLocked inside these four wallsDefinition to the foolsWhile I bicker with myselfA cage ofContinue reading “Scratch The Skin”

Clearing House

Story day is here again! Another non-Sci-Fi (I’m sure that’s the wrong way of describing it) story this week. I seem to be on a bit of a roll in that regard. Anyway, I’m not going to say much about this one other than it’s working title, which was Heist. Think that says enough onContinue reading “Clearing House”


You sent your ships out to the seasPlundering goods for your own easeCollecting all that you think is yoursAnother heart of ash and coldThe winds of change are long lostYou know we can never cover the costWhile the waves batter our skinThis venom secretes from nothingBattering the bones of the fewYou have only lies toContinue reading “Conqueror”