Sisters Three

Kneel before the three furiesAlecto, Megaera and TisiphonePunishers of mortal manSentencing by their very hand Punisher of mortal crimesConvictor of the angered onesJudgement rendered unto themMadness brighter than the sun Vengeance against the lying scumPassing sentence on each of themThieves, Oath breakers and infidelsAll will suffer for their ills Murderers will soon be goneTisiphone shallContinue reading “Sisters Three”

What Came Before

Story day is here again! OK, this time I have a different story. It’s an apocalyptic tale (about 11,800 words long), which in and of itself is not strange. Except, this one is written in the style of being found footage. It was kind of difficult to write, but it’s something I’ve been wanting toContinue reading “What Came Before”

Suit Entitle

NarcissisticYour complicitWhat a time to be alive Forced agendaNo surrenderJust u-turn one more time Dead civilianFalse religionSpreading hate and countless lies Stolen rationNo compassionReinvent don’t recognise ImigrationSow divisionNothing but antagonise OstracisingNot surprisingJust a dolt with a tie Fake intentionNo preventionWish you would say goodbye


Rage against the hatred songBefore the chant of another oneRestless in the hanging gravePretending you were so braveHaunting figures do surroundAs the king of thorns is drownedLightless eyes upon the shoresTrying to breed the putrid soresSpreading contagion on the windsSick schemer of everythingPicking at the hardened scabJust so you can make another jabCause a faultContinue reading “Schemer”

Faith Dies

You claim to aid those who prayThen how come so many suffer each day?Show yourself and interveneStop allowing hatred to be seenChange the path from miseryPeople’s strife is multiplyingDon’t they deserve some reprieve?Not having to waste their lives awayOr are you just a being of makebelieve?Creation of the men of greedTwisting fate to enhance theirContinue reading “Faith Dies”

Blood Tyrant Of The Solar Moon

Another Wednesday, another story. This time it’s a fantasy tale. It’s about 12,900 words long. For me it’s quite compact but I think it turned out well. See what you think! Grand Imperator Varsius, head of the Order of Sacred Flame, smiles widely. Today is the day he has been working toward for a greatContinue reading “Blood Tyrant Of The Solar Moon”

Mistakes And Murders

Rapid fire like a machine gun popJust another life that has gone flopSad to see but a pretty common sightNot quite sure why its all fight fight fight Deep incision from a serrated bladeFolded steel that is factory madeWaste of life but its become the normSorry to say they’ll be a short media storm BlockadingContinue reading “Mistakes And Murders”