Heartless Hand

Last one standingFamily are all goneLost wife and two sonsNot sure how he carries on Wife taken by cancerLungs consumbed by tumorMore than twenty years agoStill can’t escape it though Then went the youngest son2004 saw the end of himMurdered upon his stageSo much hatred flowed that day Last was the eldest oneFifty four isContinue reading “Heartless Hand”

House Of Cards

I refuse to failStack the decks,You won’t prevail Play your handI dare you toLiars, all of you Crooked foolsAnd desperate thievesNothing but, a disease Plastic heartsFilled with clayNo words, left to say Kings of noughtYou steal and cheatStill, I won’t be beat So bet your chipsAnd do it nowYou’re still going, straight to hell IContinue reading “House Of Cards”

Unforeseen Like A Dream That Turns To A Scream

Weekly story post! This one is Sci-Fi (about 13,900 words). Probably also has the longest title of any story I’ve posted thus far. There is an explanation for the title, but you’ll have to read the story to find it out. It’s not a vital story component, but it does help to give some background.Continue reading “Unforeseen Like A Dream That Turns To A Scream”

Night Terror

Waking slick with sweatAnother night terror eventShivering for a bitNo reprieve from itAs the world burnsAnd people take turnsSociety is unravellingVictims of extremismWhile the ghosts roamVoices continue to droneDreams have been lost for goodAs has the innocent bloodTrapped within a glass cageThere is no fresh pageLocked deep within the pitNot even a chance to changeContinue reading “Night Terror”

God Of The Sun

Ra, God of the SunDawning of a new day comeBanishing the shadows of nightIlluminating all with lightAs the sands shift belowThe pyramids do growTombs of the dead pharaohConnecting up to youKing of the GodsDeity of the EarthWe pray to your existenceFor your everlasting persistenceOh creator of our realmMost powerful of the pantheonOur worship will neverContinue reading “God Of The Sun”

In The Hole

Oh look a Sci-Fi story. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. Also this is on the longer side (about 15300) compared to others I’ve posted recently. Can’t really say much else about the story as it’ll give too much away. Have fun reading, In The Hole. A red haired man hair wakes withContinue reading “In The Hole”

Jack Offed Jill

That night Jack offed JillAll the blood that did spillA nightmare wrapped in theatreWhat a visceral pictureWith all the knives in the backBrutality did not lackTale of the centuryTwisted by pure treacheryLies that would fill a seaIt was never a hope filled storyJust two souls stuck in a rutNeither wanted to give upAnd now oneContinue reading “Jack Offed Jill”