Real For Me

Have you ever seen the beautiful end?I’m not speaking of mortalities trend.Look up high with eyes pressed closed.Can you see a wondrous cove?I know I can and its where I’ll lay,My head upon a rock each new day.As searching dimensions is not a thing of ease.Far too many are inflicted by greeds disease.But this placeContinue reading “Real For Me”

Righteous Resignation

Explode!Fresh line in the play.What’s the latest trend we’re meant to obey? Cause violent delights are wed in time.And no one left is out of line.Too much in with little free.Wrap the blister and let it be. Screaming!From here in the womb.I have to say it feels like a tomb. Punctuate and lets cuts downContinue reading “Righteous Resignation”

Tricks And Traders

Stare in the eyes of oh so pretty.Might bring forth a brand new ditty.Croon until the sun comes up.Then repeat until filled is the cup.From here on out its up to you.Exploitation doesn’t have to spew.Breed like bacteria in a jar.Your twinned lives can go far.Effort is the name of the game.Don’t expect to gainContinue reading “Tricks And Traders”

Truth Be Damned

From the heavens descended every spectre.We watched and declared it disaster.No thought for the loss or the victim.This is the epitome of our system.Think of one but not the whole.Regressed thinking is the toll. Matched in shadows and fractured in light.Seconds are but a start of the fight.Telegraph devoid of point.It’s like a species wideContinue reading “Truth Be Damned”

Fascination Is Fragile

Twist the blade around for me.The site is one that mesmerises see.I’m in awe so can’t look away.I wish for it to never end, ok? Party harder you’re no martyr.Count the crows until it goes.Dosed up and falling down.I’m not the jester, now where is my crown.An idiom I can’t observe.Once more trip right upContinue reading “Fascination Is Fragile”

Dimension Unintention

Interconnection across the dimension.None of this was down to intention.Strands that should have been left to fray.What has continued needs to be cast away.Markers from which more lives can fade.Through the oily waters we all do wade.Drowning in the madness of victory.Lost sight on the lessons of history.Jokers are the rulers above kings.Do you hearContinue reading “Dimension Unintention”

Won’t Touch It

Witch, witch; hypocrite.You want me but I don’t want it. Scouring deep in the trash,Life is but a flash.Built unto the victims,Soon I might become conniptions. Is this really the end?Or will I be at it again?A day late and a buck short.Period you wish to abort.So tell me if I’m right or wrong?Because soContinue reading “Won’t Touch It”

Choice Blind

You wanted bustle and that’s what you have now.Leading us around like a headless zombie cow.Wish I could lie and say things will improve.Each day results in another thoughtless move.Sanctioned by madness with a beat of the drum.It’s like you want this place to become a slum.Empty borders with bodies piled high.Listen to us isContinue reading “Choice Blind”