Shudder And Creep

Feel the creep up the back of my neck.Discomfort is something I’d like to forget.The shudder, the skin crawl which doesn’t fade.Its simply how my brain and body were made.Doesn’t make my unease any thinner.Makes me feel like I can’t be a winner.Instead I’m a prisoner in a gilded cage,Having to turn a fifty tonneContinue reading “Shudder And Creep”

As I Lay Dying

As I lay dying it dripped into my mind.This world has decided to parasite and remind,That we are small, pathetic and short in time.Jokes on you cause I never wanted highs.All that I’m craving is an end of days.No more prowling, hiding in the haze.Checkmate, one fingered salute displayed. From this burning bed of thorns,ComesContinue reading “As I Lay Dying”

Violent Abort

I see the futures and all are short.Most end with a violent abort.Framed in flowers of disastrous decay.Don’t anticipate an impending hooray.Cause our world is shifting and we don’t factor.We might be the cause but we are also the losing actor.And crossing your fingers will not do a damn.Sit and wait if you like butContinue reading “Violent Abort”

Still Or Craven

Be still or be craven;What is your reasoning? Weaponised in fateful flaws, you didn’t look before the pause.Patronising with claims to fame, again you fear to speak the game.Whittled down and withered dry, are you still hiding a lie?Cantankerous and growing bold, displeased when you are told;Rushing streams and babbling brooks are filled with whatContinue reading “Still Or Craven”

Should You Touch

You wanna touch the face of god.Ever ask if you should?Perhaps belief should be enough.Will answers really change that much? Desperate to ascend the spire.Maybe instead play your lyre.Don’t fixate and push too far.Or risk getting stuck in the mire. I plead for you to hold belief.When you aceept I feel relief.Answers cannot always beContinue reading “Should You Touch”

Peace & Riot

Peace and quiet;Its a riot.Love and adore;Give me some more. Deafened by the permanent swell.The thoughts are part of my hell.Then you add the endless drone.From people as they bicker and moan.Its why for me its all too much.Let me get away from such. Peace and quiet;Its a riot.Love and adore;Give me some more. PeaceContinue reading “Peace & Riot”

Honest Reaction

So locked in my own head I didn’t think about what was said.For that I am truly sorry, happy birthday, celebrate your glory.Hope for this you will forgive, otherwise I’m double failing.Mounting pressure in my brain, there I go yet again.Dispense of thoughts about myself, to toast to you and good health.Raise the glass andContinue reading “Honest Reaction”

Judgment In Waves

Crisis, crisis.An endless rise to prices.You reap what you sow.But we never even tried.Too busy gutting all we could get.We did this or expect that we’ll suffer for it. Tides will wash us away.Mother, judgement upon decay. Alarm, alarm.Too many appear calm.Yet its only as deep as skin.Can we dig out of this pit we’reContinue reading “Judgment In Waves”