You feel the fear well up insideCan’t ignore as it won’t subsideYou hope that it will end soonReality is it’s feeding off you Another pit that fills with fearDon’t even know how you got hereClenching fists to direct the flowUnfortunately it just won’t go You gasp for air as you breatheYour chest is filling mentallyYou’dContinue reading “Anxious”


It’s Wednesday, so that means a new short story. This time I’ve got a fantasy story for you (Its about 3700 words long). Its set as part of a battle, and that’s all I’m going to say. So let’s get into it! The two armies stand on opposite sides of an open area of grassyContinue reading “Vengeance”


Condemnation doesn’t mean a thingIts just a word for the eternal victimMasking hints of failed ascensionA race of people too busy fightingWhile the elected bicker like childrenThe act of doing has been stolen Restraint is just the new surrenderClaiming you are not the pretenderAs you wash your hands of bloodHow about you act for once?InsteadContinue reading “Actionless”

The Event

Right, well this one is a little different from the other story posts thus far seeing as this story is neither fantasy nor Sci-Fi. Quite simply its just fiction, set in the modern day, and follows two peoples very different paths after a traumatic event. The story is about 3600 words long, so lets begin!Continue reading “The Event”