Fall And Rise

Clutch,But you don’t have too muchGrip,When it’s already started to slipHold on,Now that it’s all gone Stand firm,Lets see if you can learnBe strong,Knowing right from wrongDo better,Like it says in the letter Shout loud,Don’t be part of the crowdYour blip,Not a time to flipFocus,And just simply show us The fall,Isn’t the end of allNowContinue reading “Fall And Rise”

Born From Nought

Right, this week I have a story (roughly 12,000 words) in which the main character really doesn’t feature all that much. They’re at the centre of what happens but for the most part the story is told via those around said main character. Also, it’s more a story about people than it is the events.Continue reading “Born From Nought”

Life Is A Ride That Keeps On Spinning

Stuck on the merry-go-roundMy head is beginning to poundDizzy from the spinVision is blurringJust like lifeYou can get lost sometimeBut don’t simply give inKeep on pushingAim for the next goalDoesn’t matter if its big or smallWhat matters is that you careAnd don’t just sit thereStaring at the empty wallsWondering how you came to fallSuch aContinue reading “Life Is A Ride That Keeps On Spinning”


I wrap my hands around my heartFear is always prepared to startAnother shot into the veinLife feels like an endless chainCoiling round until your stuckWhat to do when it’s upAre we supposed to run the race?Keep going forward with our disgraceWrithe around like empty soulsWaiting until we grow oldIf that’s the case then I foregoIContinue reading “Tightening”


This week I’ve gone full Sci-Fi man versus machine. The story is based off an idea I had about what might happen if machines, intelligent ones, stumbled across the concept of religion. It was really fun to write! Not really got anything else to say, oh except that it’s about 11,400 words long. Happy reading!Continue reading “Deicide”

Missing The Point

No one is cleanEverybody is to blamePoint the fingerIn both directionsYou are guilty, as am IHistory should be allowed to dieTo not do so is to be ashamedThe past should stay that wayBut that does not mean condoneSick of the hijacked megaphoneAgendas forced down your throatStop being the sheep pretending your the G.O.A.TMake a decisionContinue reading “Missing The Point”