…Of The Land

Soothing even the common beastThe one that bares its teethReady for its strikeEviscerate whats rightBefore the howl of doomStreaking toward the full moonNot a cloud in the skyThis is the beasts clarion cryThen comes the attackSwift and filled with blackFangs of crooked greyNo longer white you’d sayWhile the eyes do glowAn emerald light of showClappingContinue reading “…Of The Land”


Hi! I’ve got a shorter story for you this week at a little over 10,000 words. Overall, doing quite well at keeping these on the shorter side recently. Pleased about that because it means I can write more. Not that you’ll know any different as stories still only get posted once a week. Anyway, thisContinue reading “Ingress”

Fade And Decay

Too busy with your stashTo have noticed the flashChemicals have fried your brainYou barely even remember your nameJust a crutch on which you restUnprepared for any kind of test Craving yet another hitIt’s not even been a bitAnd watching is killing meIt’s so rough to have to seeEvery attempt has failed miserablyYou just walk rightContinue reading “Fade And Decay”


Silent as the windThen you feel the stingBite of the bladeCold and hand-madeFashioned from pure oreExploiting a fatal flawLook you in the eyeAs you fade and dieFighter to the endA code I will not bendCan’t tempt with a bribeI’d rather give my lifeWhile I face you head onWarrior ’til I’m doneProtecting everyoneThrough night and sunHonourContinue reading “Samurai”

Back To Back

Whatever trouble you’re in, know that I’m comingYou won’t face it alone, don’t tell me to go homeCause if we need to fight, I’ll be right thereNot lending a hand, just wouldn’t be fairNow fill me in, on whats going downNo need to worry, I always frownYou know that so, don’t you dare ditherDetails areContinue reading “Back To Back”

Storm The Summit

Story time is back again. This one I’d call a thriller. It has light Sci-Fi elements but they in no way form a large part of this tale (its about 15,000 words long). Past that I’ll let you know that this is a small groups efforts to stop one man from wielding more power thanContinue reading “Storm The Summit”

Out The Door

You can scale mountains and cut down trees,But as you skipped out you’re just a diseaseDon’t warrant a single solitary thought,Because all that you did was just abortRun out the door when you were needed most,What kind of person doesn’t see that’s grossOr were you too busy chasing other tail,To realise that you’d been handedContinue reading “Out The Door”


Staring up at the sunWanting back the days of funA time when there wasn’t a careJust long periods of being thereA fair mind in an open fieldNothing forcing you to shieldPassing time as you wishedThose are periods to be missedNot petty squabbles spouting poisonSuch things are born from poor decisionInstead you meandered through the dayChantingContinue reading “Youth”