Scraping Stones

Story day has come back around. This week it’s a Sci-Fi story (about 11,300 words long) that is set in space, hundreds of years from now. It’s a bleak take on a possible future, but that’s just the setup for the story itself. Without saying too much I will let you know that everything isContinue reading “Scraping Stones”

Possibilities Of A Future

You think that it’s overIt’s only just begunWhat we have hereIs the start of somethingA thread that needs pullingA road to walk downNo point in ignoringOr you won’t get your crown Tortoise against the hareIt’s not that clear cutDon’t place your bet yetOr you might screw your luckCause some things are differentEspecially when assumedThat theContinue reading “Possibilities Of A Future”


Shredded by a mountain of furThe act was nothing but a blurNo chance to react or screamI already know it wasn’t a dreamYet still I wake from slumberSure this must be a blunderThere is no way I survivedUnless somehow I was revivedBut that only happens in fairytalesLike the idea that life is on railsStill IContinue reading “Lycanthropy”


Hi! OK the title of this one might make you think it’s Sci-Fi, but its not. In fact, I don’t really know what to call it. My best approximation is its crime horror. Can’t say more than that as I could give more away than I wish to and ruin the story. So without furtherContinue reading “Reskin”

Witch, Demon, Evil Being

Never prepared to failEven as you tip the scaleBuilding walls of violenceTo hide your silenceYou lust for excitementLie, steal, cheating WitchWicked, vile, hatefulDemonTwisted, cruel, thingEvil being! Searching for your preyTalons ready to impaleEyes piercing through skinRazor teeth in hidingMind ready to betrayNothing will ever be ok WitchWicked, vile, hatefulDemonTwisted, cruel, thingEvil being! Pain is yourContinue reading “Witch, Demon, Evil Being”