Stars And Clovers

I made a wish on a falling star.Don’t know when or if I’ll get that far.Cause there’s no way of knowing,If your words will be chosen.So you have to keep going.But not fixate on words spoken. Talons on the window pane.Rap, rap, rap comes again.Someone is at the door.Friend or foe cannot ignore. I criedContinue reading “Stars And Clovers”


As is often the case while writing, for me at least, this story changed a bit between when I had the idea and it being written. For starters I went back and forth on the opening. At one time it was going to start halfway through the first section, then at the second until finallyContinue reading “3R”

No More

Surrender, surrender.Don’t wish to contend her.I’m a survivor.Simply wish to thrive here.Newer and fewer.We bow to our ruler.Possess and suppress.Not a path to bless.Inspire and fly higher.Cast out the final liar. Here in the back of a very open field,We build these monuments to yield.Beg to the gods who bore us fruit,The first of whichContinue reading “No More”

Episodes In

Can’t bring to transpire,All right down to the wire.I feel like the liar,Come dine in my head fire. I know I’m not empty,But states are a plenty.Need a pause from the spinning.Don’t feel like winning. This war;Battles that are not mine. Resist and refuse.Ready to not choose.The sides are uneven.Sick of my treason. Alibi forContinue reading “Episodes In”

Jupiter’s Gambit

This weeks story is inspired by westerns as well as the various cantina scenes from Star Wars. Don’t really think I need to say much more than that, so here is Jupiter’s Gambit. Faded and damaged baby blue paint peeling down from the tops of the walls signifies how little care is taken of theContinue reading “Jupiter’s Gambit”

Try Your Riot

You try and start a riot,Just cause you can’t buy it.Spoiled and obessed, crying.Embarassing that you’re denying. Like a bullet in my brain.This is way passed lame.Sick of making amends.Always stuck on endless trends.Voices that mean zero.Make out that you’re a hero.Pity you lap up the chatter.Because of it you’re getting fatter.Bloating like a rottenContinue reading “Try Your Riot”


The energy is failing.I feel like I’m paling…Into insignificance.My strength is gone for this.If only I could get sleep.Then maybe I’d feel less weak. Eyes are still burning,While my mind keeps on churning.No hands upon the wheel.This feels like a steal.But I’m not sure its purpose.It sure as hell ain’t courteous. Still shuffle and buckle.IContinue reading “Insomniac”