Time waits for no man.Stretch out your open hand.Welcome in the new age.Don’t get stuck on one page. Cause life is short and it’s worth living;One day you’re young and the next you’re giving…Advice to your teenage kids.And no there is no taking bids;On what’ll succeed and what’ll fail.All that matters is too prevail.Live theContinue reading “Hereafter”

Round And Round And Down

Spiral round and round and down;Take the pathway to the town.Then sit upon the empty bench;Under the dark clouds that drench,While puddles grow around your form.More and more of them do spawn.Before the wind comes cutting through.It ignores the layers that cover you.Chills without a hint of pause.Snapping just like a set of jaws.Then itContinue reading “Round And Round And Down”

Monster In Our Midst

Yay we’ve got to the end of April. Might not sound like an achievement but it feels like one as writing has been slower for me recently. Still, I’m proud I’ve got here. Anyway, to the reason as to why we’re here, the story. It’s a mixture of Sci-Fi and fantasy. Not something I’ve reallyContinue reading “Monster In Our Midst”

I Want To Say

I want to say the sun’s gone,I want to say you are wrong;No more listening here.Can’t wait to say, bye my dear. Revolutions are spinning wildly.Who are they that are acting wilely.Double trouble antidote,So much fire among black smoke.Not something I expected here.You stop at the edge just to stare.Another number comes after you.What areContinue reading “I Want To Say”


Stacking bricks to the ceiling;Just the way I’m feeling.Platics cubes of pure joy;So much more than just a toy.Entertainment for all ages;Not willing to turn pages. Walking away seems so dull;When it’s too busy with its pull.Plus I’m obsessed with all the fun;Never will it be gone.So call me whatever you might wish;Yes I’m aContinue reading “Reverting”

In A Rut

Cage surrounds and controls.Landing me with a role.Position locked to a spot.Siphons until its all I got.That’s not a life for me.Sounds more like insanity.Picking at me like a scab.Want to feel something and grab.Mould it with my fists.Not be enraged by it.Cause who wants to be angry?I’d do away with it gladly.So simply handContinue reading “In A Rut”

Dying Nights

This weeks story is a bit different. It’s not Sci-Fi. Not at all. I’d call it fantasy. Set in the modern day. Anyway, I didn’t realise it until reviewing but this story has some definite influences from Dead Space and Devil May Cry. I could say more. Give more detail, but I’m not going to.Continue reading “Dying Nights”

Savour And Flee

Your purple craze won’t fix this situation.Gaze upon the rifts of honest rejection.Lie amongst the tallest grasses.Batting of your long dark lashes.Eyes so bright they shine like beacons.Blue as the sky no matter the seasons. But this is not meant to be.I am cast so far away.Savour this and flee from me.This is how it’llContinue reading “Savour And Flee”