Ill-Gotten Gains

Here it is everyone, my newest short story. It’s a little under 11000 words. Enjoy! Karim has already stepped off the sky shuttle, which is what passes for a taxi on Orion IV, that has ferried him from the planets main port, Marrec Port, where his starship, Eternal Veil, is docked. He is headed forContinue reading “Ill-Gotten Gains”

Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains

Hi everybody! Blurbs are back! Well at least for this week anyway. Took me a while to outline this one and it did get a full revision before I started writing it but its done now. The full short story will be posted tomorrow as normal. But here is the blurb. Hope you like it!Continue reading “Blurb: Ill-Gotten Gains”


Creeping, crawling, are they calling?As they weave from up aboveWatching without an ounce of loveFashioning reams of silk to throwSoon you’ll meet their fangs of woeSilent as the air aroundWill they ever be seen or found?Making home in dark cornersWaiting for prey to cross bordersTrapped within the web of liesUntil the spider collects its prizeCocooningContinue reading “Arachnid”


A blank mind in a blank skinThis world is doing me inWith fractured calls and shattered criesWhen will something surprise? Worming through the empty daysI feel the void eating awayEven as the cacophony continues to riseCan we just end this demise? Sleight of hand beneath the noseBut soon you’ll be stealing thoseWhile the bones constantlyContinue reading “Deceive”

The Search

Story day has come round again. This time I’ve got a modern day fiction story for you. No blurb again this week. Didn’t feel that it needed one. It’s another shorter story (at around 5800 words). Hope you enjoy it! Derrick Williams is a middle aged caucasian man who is at this moment speeding downContinue reading “The Search”


Pound my face into the concreteStill feeling completely weakWhen will the rage abate?At this rate I’ll need to medicate Brevity begins to force its actAnother stab of hate at thatFeeling the itch surface againI know I’ll soon be withdrawing Hours pass while I descendI know I can’t climb escape this thingThe itch has now decomeContinue reading “Surrendering”