Data Recovery/Video Surveillance Entry Six Thousand Five Hundred And Six (6506)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/June 8th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Doctor Danielle Hussein, Two [2] – Camilla Webb, Three [3] – Omar Carmine/Location: Communications

Camilla bursts through the doorway between the link corridor that leads to the Transit section and into Communications.

Unfortunately, hot on her heels is Doctor Hussein, who hurls the wrench at Camilla’s lower legs.

The wrench hits and results in Camilla stumbling forward, but not before letting out a howl of pain from the heavy impact that somehow doesn’t cause any permanent damage.

Still, once Camilla has stopped stumbling she finds that Doctor Hussein is right on top of her. The chief scientist grabs Camilla by the throat and slams her against one of the bulkheads.

[1] You shouldn’t have pried.

[2] You don’t have to do this. I didn’t see anything. Let’s just pretend this never happened.

[1] Foolish girl. We both know you saw what happened back there. You’re not going to keep quiet. You’re rushing off to dear Omar. But I won’t give you the opportunity.

Danielle begins to squeeze, her nails digging into Camilla’s flesh as the woman begins to choke in response. Her arms start to flail soon after as part of her desperate attempt to break free of Doctor Hussein’s grip on her throat. She can’t and continues to struggle and choke instead.

Danielle smiles as the life begins to fade out of Camilla’s eyes. Then without warning, Camilla, palm open, hits Danielle in the nose.

The chief scientists’ nose can be heard shattering in the second before she instinctively releases her choking grip on Camilla and staggers backward, screaming.

[1] Bitch! You broke my nose.

[2] I’ll do more than that.

Doctor Hussein looks up just in time to see Camilla swing the wrench that the chief scientist had been wielding and had used to kill Victor, at her head.

Danielle attempts to move but it’s too late and the head of the heavy tool slams into the woman’s temple.

Doctor Hussein let’s out no scream of pain as she is already unconscious. That is why she simply drops to the floor in a heap. But Camilla does not stop there. Instead, she continues to club Danielle until the woman is no longer breathing. After that she smiles menacingly.

[2] Should have been willing to deal.

Camilla drops the wrench. It clangs loudly as it comes into contact with the floor.

[2] Now it’s just me and Omar.

Camilla licks her lips disgustingly as she stares down the corridor that links the Living section to Communications.

[3] What’s going on? I heard screaming.

Omar roars as he sprints down the corridor heading for Communications.

[2] Rrrgh…

Camilla snarls as Omar approaches. This is clearly not part of her plan, whatever her plan is. Her top lip curling into a snarl as she makes sure to slip out of his possible line of sight and into a shadowy corner to the side of the doorway the sole other remaining member of the team will enter through.

[3] Holy shit!

Omar having reached the Communications doorway spots the motionless body.

He rushes over to it and rolls it off its side to see, with a grimace, that it is the remains of Doctor Danielle Hussein. Omar gags but manages to stop himself from vomiting as he pulls back no longer able to stay in close proximity to the brutal skull crushed mass that had been the chief scientists’ cranium.

[3] What the fuck happened here?

A shrieking sound fills the air just as he finishes uttering the rhetorical question.

Omar turns and sees Camilla flying toward him with a knife in hand.

He backpedals but it isn’t enough and the blade plunges deep into his gut. Omar roars in response as he stumbles backward, tripping over the corpse of Doctor Danielle Hussein, seconds before he slams, full force, into the decking. He winces in response to the new bursts of pain before he grabs a hold of the knife lanced into his gut. Just as he does Camilla throws herself at him. His eyes go wide as she raises the reclaimed wrench over her head. Omar tears the knife from his gut with a howl and then desperately begins to slash. His swipes are wild and unaimed but do the trick as Camilla is unable to withdraw from his attacks.

The knife in Omar’s hand slashes. The first strike tears across her chest from armpit to armpit almost. The second, a stab, drives into her chest, before she is hurled sideways. Her own attack ruined as the wrench flies out of her hands and she slams hard to the deck, joining Omar, who quickly rips the knife free of her body. Camilla lets out a shrill seconds before Omar drives the knife into her chest second, third and then fourth time. After the fourth hit he is sure she is dead. Her chest coated in blood but no longer rising and falling to signify breathing.

Omar collapses off his elbow so that he is splayed out on his back again, as he had been after suffering the fatal wound to his gut. He lets out a sigh.

[3] June 8th. You know full well who I fucking well am…argh! So I’m not going to remind you. If anyone finds this…that is. I don’t know…mmph what happened here. All I can tell you is that everyone is dead. Or at least…I assume they are. I don’t know…for sure if Victor Flynn is. That’s beside the point…though. Argh! This was a mistake. No one…mph…should c-come down…here. It’s not worth it. The research…carried out…by the…it’s all intact. Huh. Huh. It’ll need…recovery…and there may be…some corruption…we did overload the power…after all. But to be honest…it’s not fucking worth it. Omar…signing…signing off. Urgh…………

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