Data Recovery/Video Surveillance Entry Six Thousand Five Hundred And Three (6503)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/June 8th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Doctor Danielle Hussein, Two [2] – Victor Flynn/Location: Link corridor between Communications and Transit

[2] Dani, wait up. Come on. We need to talk.

Victor rushes down the corridor between Communications and Transit after Doctor Hussein who continues to stride with purpose heading for Transit.

It takes almost a minute but Victor manages to catch up to her, grab her arm, stop her and spin her round so she is facing him. Her face, clearly visible on the camera, is deeply furrowed with a mixture of anger and determination.

[2] Just stop. I know. We’ll lose research, but we’ve lost five people already. Two of them were our colleagues. We didn’t sign up for this. No one did. Omar’s right. We need to get out of here before anything else happens. You’ve got to see that.

[1] We can’t leave the data we’ve collected.

[2] The data is repeatable…

[1] You don’t know that. It took us years to get to this point.

[2] So… It took years. If we don’t leave we might die here. Then we won’t have years.

[1] You don’t know that for sure.

[2] Oh come on! You’ve always been single-minded but you have never been irrational.

[1] You think this is irrational?

[2] What would you call it?

[1] Just…

Doctor Hussein doesn’t finish her statement as she instead wrenches her arm free of Victor’s light grasp, spins on her heels and then resumes her stomping down the corridor.

[2] Don’t do this Dani.

[1] Stop calling me that. We’re not fucking anymore! I’m Doctor Hussein to you or Danielle at a push, but nothing more than that.

The chief scientist blurts angrily over her left shoulder as the distance between them continues to grow.

[2] Ah shit.

Victor hangs his head for a moment in defeat and then hurries after her.

He crosses the corridor and follows her, closing swiftly, into the Transit section.

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