Data Recovery/Audio Log Entry Forty (40)/DSIL/Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian/Laurentian Abyss/Team Leader Log/June 5th/Parties Involved: One [1] – Omar Carmine

[1] June 5th. Omar Carmine. This isn’t the sort of update I ever wanted to provide, but there has been an accident. The Storage section is cut off from the rest of the facility and three members of the team (Alex Tuck, Brendan Smith and Calvin Fenn) along with it.

Omar can be heard sighing.

[1] It doesn’t make sense how but it seems there must have been a simultaneous failure for both links between the storage section and the rest of Dsil. I was told by the engineers this was impossible but it looks like they were wrong.

[1] Doesn’t look like we have any casualties and we are still in contact with the stranded trio. Tried a topside comms link but got nothing. We were told this is to be expected. So I guess right now there must be a storm overhead. It was the reason given for why we wouldn’t be able to get through. Still, we’re drawing up options of how we can bring the stranded members of the team back into the fold. The problem is the communications to storage link has completely collapsed. Well, we think it is. We can’t be sure. It’s so damn dark down here we can’t see a thing, even with the high intensity lights. Though, I think the glass and its curvature might be playing a large role as well in limiting our success.

[1] I will provide, as per procedures for such an event, an update in six hours. We should have more then.

[1] I hope we have more then.

The log entry ends.

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