Deep Sea Installation: Laurentian Update

From: Michael Espinosa <>

To: Lawrence Gregory Mian <>

As you can see from the attachments we have recovered all logs and data from the facility.

Attached are snippets that will properly inform you in regards to the outcome of the team sent down there to carry out research. It should be noted, however, that the recovery team have suffered no similar affects in the weeks following the retrieval of the data, research and logs.

I do ask what you would like done with the information we have recovered. Unfortunately, some of it is incomplete due to the overload surge the team initiated without authorisation. And from our logs and readings there was never any reason they could not contact the surface. Much like a preliminary examination of the facility has shown that, other than the fire damage and other minor breakages such as some of the pipes, there are no issues with the Storage section of the corridors linking it to the rest of the facility.

I feel it prudent to draw attention to the fact that this is the third such occurrence that has transpired from this deep sea installation in as many years. I realise you will be fully aware of this, but have been asked by the rest of the board to convey scepticism that continuing with this is necessary to succeed with our future programs within the drug, survival and technological sectors.

I await your reply with interest.

Kind Regards

Michael Espinosa

Member of the Board of Directors for Avant Industries

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